With Every Change, Reorganizing Must Follow

This morning was absolutely NUTS! All 3 tots are now in school 5 days a week! Even Miss Kelsey. I did not think it was that big of an issue but honestly, getting all 3 out of the house, on time proved to be difficult! As you may remember, Monday and Fridays are Kelsey and Jeremiahs days home. My husband usually stays home with them until after I drop Elijah off at school.

Things were so chaotic today. First, Kelsey and Jeremiah both need breathing treatments and those last around 15-20 minutes each. Kelsey refuses to eat breakfast or lunch at school, so now I must make sure she and Elijah, who isn’t offered breakfast, eats before school. So why not feed Jerry why I am at it! Tackling the kids for their breathing treatments, making sure everyone ate, and got dressed was a task for sure! It’s not enough to simply have clothes ready, that was proved!

I do not believe I have ever left the house in such a mess before! I honestly felt like a chicken with my head cut off. I had errands to run out in the city, so I was unable to come home and try to relax from the morning’s events. But that’s ok, I did get about 15 minutes to somewhat mellow out with a cup of coffee before picking my little ones up.

So now I think about how I felt rushing this morning, then dropping the kids off. I though how I was at least able to decompress during my 30 minute ride into the city. But what about the kids? Well, they were nowhere at all stressed like I was. In fact, they were playful and happy during the whole ordeal. But one thing to keep in mind is that there will be stressful moments for the kids as well. The last thing you want them to have to do is to be thrown right into their classrooms without them being able to decompress. I made sure to hug them just a little bit longer just to make sure they were clam and relaxed before I left them.

There will be some not so perfect morning, no matter how much you plan and prepare. All you can do is make the best out of the situation and love your babies! Tune in Sunday for how I am reorganizing for our new routine.