When Things Get Yucky at Home, Break the Monotony!

Because our family is so large, and we live in the middle of nowhere, our family’s routine can get redundant. Especially during the summer months. My husband has every other Friday off and this past Friday was one of his off days. We had a great time as a family. Our 2 year old Jerry, finally got his hair cut! Who knew tots could have dead ends??? Because he did so great in the barbers chair, we decided to get dinner, then ice cream out in the city (as Elijah calls it lol). I can count on one hand how often we actually get out like this. I must admit, eating out as a family can get tiresome with so many little ones. I think we went at a great time. We arrived at the restaurant around 5 pm, and it was practically empty. The earlier, the better, the less stimulation around us, even best! I know that the next time we go out to eat as a family the circumstances will not be the same as this particular evening, but at least we can somewhat control how early we get to the restaurant.

Saturday was a pretty chill day. I went shopping during nap time and by the time I got back home and served lunch, we had a major, much needed cleaning of the house. It was super hot that afternoon so going outside was not an option. Around 6:30ish we loaded the kids in the wagon and rolled to a playground. The weather cooled off nicely and we had a great time. We arrived back home a little after 8 and the kids were HUNGRY! Luckily there was already dinner prepared (leftovers), so we bathed the kids to get all the sunblock, dirt, and bug repellant off them and served dinner. Needless to say after dinner, all 3 babies CRASHED! It was sweet dreams all the way to 9am Sunday morning! They never sleep that late. Ever!

The kids and I lounged around Sunday morning. Because everyone slept in so late, nap time was delayed. As a matter of fact, naptime was from around 1-3 for the boys and Kelsey woke up around 4. I served everyone lunch, then we dressed and headed to Wal-Mart. Today was the day daddy told Elijah he could get a building set that was age appropriate for him. The kids dug up a really old building set that had the tiniest pieces and of course Miss Kelsey was a magnet to each and every one of those tiny pieces. The boys both agreed on the same set at Wal-Mart and did not throw a fit when they could not have any other toys!

The trip went pretty well…. I asked when we first got in the store who had to potty. No one had to, mostly because they went before we left home. As we are next to check out in line, and our purchases on the counter, Elijah had a look of terror on his face and he’s holding himself. Yes, he has to potty. The couple in front of us were having some sort of an issue, so we just abandoned everything to go to the restroom. Jerry swore and cried when I put him on the potty, that he did not have to use it, but he went anyway. How lucky were we that the couple in front of us were finally finishing up! So we paid and left.

The set we bought was for 2-5 year olds and daddy helped put the set together with the boys as I made a quick meal. They were done in about 7 minutes lol! I felt a little cheated because the set was $47 and just like that, they were done putting it together. At the same time, I really loved the set because the pieces were really big and safe, and Elijah could do the majority of work himself. On top of that, he really loves the set and has played with it all night.

I must admit, things had been getting pretty mundane and just too many cranky moments for all of us. We needed to have this beak as a family. Now I feel more motivated to get out the house as a family a bit more. Yes, I love going to playgrounds, and playing out back with the kids. But doing things that does not involve school activities for our oldest, or being on the base is not always enough to keep the excitement going. Perhaps just taking baby steps in getting us out more is the answer. It’s not easy getting out with small ones, but who says we have to stay busy all 12 days of the weekend?