When the Kids Have Gone Wild…

Remember I posted about my awful morning? Yeah, well, I pretty much dragged all day long. Literally, I was so sleepy all day, I attempted a nap while the tots napped. Well, I kept getting disturbances from my phone ringing or the cell buzzing. Its like for every solid 20 minutes of sleep, I was disturbed! Well, I gave up because the half cat naps made me even more tired than I originally was. I did no housework and even at 2 pm, I hadn’t taken anything out for dinner…. BAD! Very Bad. I usually try to take something out either the night before or the morning of.

Because I was so tired, my nerves were on edge! So basically every single whine, cry, scream and crash I heard had me wanting to duck into one of those gopher holes outside! I finally got up around 4 to clean the kitchen and cook. Can you guess my go to dinner? Yep! Spaghetti!!!! Around 5ish, the kids were just way too wild. So what did we do? Bike riding!!!! Elijah has this new thing where he wants to ride his bike on a track not too far from our home. Jerry and Kelsey rode in the wagon, but Elijah rode his bike all the way to the track. Once we got there, I let Jerry out the wagon and he broke free like a bull in a china shop! Even Miss Kelsey got out to attempt to run off her energy.

One thing I have to mention is my nerves were still on edge the entire time. But no matter what, I had to force myself to push through and make sure this outing was enjoyable for everyone. I can’t say it was a piece of cake and just seeing my babies out there having a blast cheered me up, no, it wasn’t that way. But the thought of me having a bad attitude and ruining what was a great time for the kids was enough for me to smile and have fun with the kids.

My tots have so much energy! Even the baby girl! I can’t imagine depriving them of running and playing out in the fresh air. I can only imagine how so much pent up energy the kids have stored up would negatively affect them. After we got back home, like an hour later, we washed hands and ate dinner. The kids ate it all! After baths, Kelsey fell right asleep after milk, and the boys had a difficult time staying awake during the bedtime story. Can you notice a difference between the nightly routine when your kids have only had screen time and no physical play?

I wish I was one of those types of moms that are always happy and in good moods. I wish I could fully operate on just a few hours of sleep and always stay on top of my errands around the house. But you know what, I am not. I get cranky when I stay up too late at night, I sometimes lag around the house and I have bad days. There are times when I wish my kids could fully understand I cannot “mommy” on that day. Well, until the day comes to where I am perfect, I have to keep it moving and take care of things for my family. I didn’t want to go out, especially to the track! If anything I would have rather just go out back. But seeing just how energetic the kids were, I don’t think the backyard would do. The most important thing you can do as a mom, a human mom, is to always have a quick healthy meal  that takes 30 minutes or less, and keep in mind, the moment you lose your cool with the kids over the things they do that are typical of kids, this goes down as a happy memory ruined. Too many ruined happy memories cause a lot of emotional issues that spill into adulthood. Sounds extreme, but try and keep that in the back of your mind when you’re having a bad day. Hey, we are parents! We are bound to have them. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad when you are having a bad day.