When the Afternoons Get too Hot

Last week I posted about how much fun we have in the summers since we typically stay outside all day long. There’s lots that can be done in your own backyard which saves a ton of money. That money could be used to head to grandmas for a week or two. But what happens when it’s mid summer and now the temperatures are reaching the upper 90s by 8am! That’s usually when we are finishing up breakfast. We would have to be outside to play around 5am in order to fully enjoy being out in order to avoid the afternoon heat.

Well, you do not have to go to extreme measures to have a good time with the kids outside. I still highly recommend going out early if there are no morning appointments. Most tots wake up early so I say make sure you have breakfast planned out. This way all you have to do is dress, and go out. One huge time saver I use is making sure the patio and all the outside toys, sunblock, bug spray, first aid kit are all ready to go so we can maximize the morning. Sometimes we just have cereal then a bigger breakfast after we come inside. Something on those tiny bellies is good enough for an hour or so.

But what happens once you’ve had a great time early that morning, kids were so tired they took long naps, woke up energized and ready for more fun? The time may be anywhere around 1-3pm, this is after naps and lunch. Temperatures can get extreme to the point to where being in the shade and all the popsicles you want can still get too hot for your kids, let along yourself! I do not recommend being out if it’s too hot. But there are still things you can do with the kids. Most moms, especially those that stay home, look for free to low cost things to do. We live on a military base so for us, there’s plenty to do for free or really inexpensive cost. Bowling for all of us is usually under $15, the pool is free, and we have a fabulous splash park that is shaded. I remember the local bowling ally in our town offered a summer bowling program that offered free bowling and you only had to pay for shoe rental. Some roller rinks are free to the public until a certain time, and a lot of times, the city offers free events in the summer for families to beat the heat with their kids. I recommend free activities during the summer months. Matinees can get a bit costly over time. Even if you live in a city that has a popular theme park, you may as well go away on vacation!

Whatever you can find to do for fun at low cost, by all means do your research before planning a day out. Every parent wants to be able to give their kids a memorable summer. But not at the expense of the family budget or for the upcoming back to school expenses. You can still have a great time! Just keep in mind when planning summer activities, 3 months can come really quick! Live in the moment, but please keep in mind the future. Now go have some fun with those babies!