What a Night!

Friday night, my 3-year-old Elijah, was sick. That is nothing really new. He’s been sick before ever since he started preschool. The only difference with last night, he coughed non-stop all.night.long! I have never witnessed anything like that before. It did not matter what I did, the cough never stopped. I rubbed him down with vapor oil, I gave him honey cough syrup, and ran not only the vaporizer, but ended up unplugging that and running the humidifier. Still more coughing. My poor boy was up the entire night. I do believe he had a long resting period from around 2am-2:45 but it was back up coughing. I felt so bad for him because he was so tired but he just could not rest. As soon as he found himself drifting off into sleep, he was back up again coughing. Well, he was up bright and early of course at 7am. He seemed to play pretty well, but he really didn’t have an appetite. The good news is he did drink plenty of fluids, lots of water and orange juice. SO the day goes on since he seems somewhat back to his normal self. I change all of the bed linens and begin laundry. After naptime, Elijah insisted on relaxing in my bed and play a video on his ipad. He soon after had another coughing fit. Next thing I know he blarttttt!!!! Throws up everywhere! There was so much I don’t know where it all came from. But guess what happened? He must have coughed up whatever it was that was in his system because he hadn’t coughed like that since! This morning, Sunday, he woke up unusually late… around 9am. Even then, he just laid around, drifting in and out of sleep. He napped with his brother around noon. No coughing luckily. After naptime, he seems to finally be his normal self! Playing, laughing, arguing with his brother over toys each other has sat down… just typical toddler stuff. The only coughing he is doing is the wet type that seems to be in his chest breaking up. It’s almost 9:30pm my time and the boys are in bed. I’m making sure to keep a watchful eye on my little one, but just in case, I have the humidifier going!