We Need a Break From this Heat

So I posted earlier about what to do when the weather gets too hot. Well, we are there now, with temps reaching the low 100s as early as 11am! I really hate to complain about Mother Nature, but I cannot take this heat much longer. Our winter here in New Mexico was pretty mild the entire season. With that being said, I’m hoping that we can get the same deal as we did for the summer and only have  a few weeks of this brutal heat.

Reality set in while Kelsey and I were outside one morning while the boys were at preschool. We had a lovely time, mostly on the porch. Before we went inside, I washed off most of the outdoor toys and cleaned off bird poop that was on our swing set and lawn chairs. In my mind I was thinking I wanted to make sure the yard was ready for afternoon play. Then I realized, we can’t go back out this afternoon with the temps reaching 105!

My heart broke as Kelsey screamed when it was time to go inside. When she cries, I normally am not too affected because I know we will be back out later. These poor babies need more outside time! I think everyone is tired of the same activities at home, and decided to break the monotony. Since Elijah went bowling on a fieldtrip recently, we had to use our brains to figure out what fun we could get in to, on base. So we are just driving around this tiny base and Elijah points out he wants to go to the building with the toys! There is the Army Community Services building that has the biggest play area I’ve ever seen. We have played there a couple times but mostly because we had other business there. We never came to play as a “just because”. But we did! It was a nice change to play in their massive play area. There was even a tree house for the kids to play and climb in!

We only stayed around 30 minutes because we had to eat dinner, it was around 4:30 when we left, and you know how silly my tots get from 4-6! Elijah was sad to leave, but it’s never enough time for him- ever! I think I am going to add the ACS building as one of our “too hot to play out” places to go! Best of all FOC! (Free of Charge!) Don’t forget, even though it’s summer, we still have to save money for the fall! No one wants to get blindsided by back to school expenses.