Vacation Aftermath

Our family got home a little after midnight this morning. As planned, the house was super clean, the kids already had pajamas on so all we had to do was get the tots in bed. I fell asleep right away. My husband and I only took the essentials out of the car, the rest would have to wait until later.

We all slept in until around 8am. I honestly could have slept a lot longer. Coffee, after coffee, after coffee, I just could not wake up! I made a big pot of oatmeal and juice for everyone because I could not put much though into cooking a big breakfast. One of my biggest regrets was not making sure we had the essentials in the fridge when we got back home. We barely had enough orange juice for the kids or milk for Kelsey and cereal. But really, who wants to have those types of items just sitting in the fridge while being gone on vacation? There was a couple grocery stores we passed on the way home, but really, it was so late and I was in no condition to run into the store. Besides, it was raining. It’s a double edge sword. Maybe just making sure you are not gone too long for your food to spoil, maybe have those items for when you return from vacation. Honestly, I am on the fence about what is needed for when you return from home.

The kids did not want to take a nap at all today. I tried to catch up on some of my shows I recorded, but since the kids were refusing naps, I just let them get up. I would say around 3/4, I decided to get up and stop laying around. It was hard trying to find the motivation to get something, anything done around the house. I began unpacking the kids suitcase so that I could easily find their clothes for school tomorrow. I even cooked spaghetti! I had no idea what I would make for dinner, I knew I needed something fast and easily to thaw out, and that I had all the ingredients to make. I was NOT going to the commissary today. I had pjs on all day long! Anyway, I just put my mind to it, defrosted my ground beef in the microwave and started to boil water for the noodles. This is exactly why I say always, always have ingredients for fast, inexpensive, easy meals such as spaghetti.

My husband calls around 4:15 to see if they boys were ready to get their hair cuts. Since hubby took the boys for haircuts, and Kelsey finally had no choice but to surrender to a nap, I had plenty time to kick it into 5th gear and finish dinner and unpacking. I was also able to send a list for a few essentials hubby could pick up from the commissary.

Dinner was served around 6:30, it could have been done earlier, but the barber shop trip and hubby being on duty and having to make his rounds, we ate later. I was able to catch up on one of my shows and afterwards, gave the kids baths. Everyone was super sleepy. My husband said that they both boys fell asleep during the 2 minute commute from our house to the barbershop. Even Kelsey was able to go back to bed around bedtime.

Today was extremely tiresome. But that is to be expected after a long drive from vacation. Vacations are so much fun, but it is always good to be back home, and in our own beds. Preparations before and after vacations have to be made in order to be able to come home and relax. It can be done, but as I said before, you must prepare!