Transitioning to Fall Weather Check-IN

Good Morning Homemakers! How is it going now that Fall is officially here. Some states are all ready in full swing while others in the southwest are just now getting a taste of this nice, crisp, cool weather. I knew to get the summer clothes out of the way once we start getting rain. A good indication Fall weather is near is once rain comes.

Yesterday we got rain and lots of it. That’s pretty a-typical here in the desert. The night before we had a very long night at a marching exposition for the oldest. Because we got in so late I decided to let the tots sleep in. No school at all. Today was another story. It was back to the normal routine. Last night I was able to knock out the very last shopping for Elijah. In addition to a hoodie and long sleeve shirts, I ended up buying more jeans in the next larger size. He’s already outgrowing the jeans I bought for him in August! Now I am completely done with the tots. Our oldest could use a couple more pieces to his wardrobe, especially work out clothes, but other than that, I think Fall shopping is done.

This morning I nearly had a heart attack dropping the boys off at school. As I stated earlier, the boys missed school yesterday. Today when I dropped Elijah off at his Pre K class, his monthly packet was in his cubby. The packet consist of a newsletter, the family project for the month, permission slip for the upcoming field trips, and the reading log for the upcoming month. I glanced at the newsletter and it was thanking all the parents for helping out with the pumpkin patch field trip and they had so much fun. HAD….. OMG did I let my baby miss the pumpkin patch that he’d been waiting to visit ever since his class announced they were going, he was super excited. I wanted to crawl in a hole and DIE! After dropping Jerry off, I immediately ran to Ms. Linda at the front desk to ask her if the class had in fact gone to the pumpkin patch yesterday. To my relief, they had not! OMG That was sooo close! The newsletter was simply thanking the parents in advance for their help.

Coincidently, I received a call from the school saying that the trip to the pumpkin patch has been postponed. All the rain we have been getting has caused a muddy mess there. Elijah was ok with the news, but I bet he will be asking at least 4 times tomorrow if he is still going.

As we are settling into this cool, crisp weather, make for sure that the kids clothes are laid out and ready to go. As I tell my oldest, we are not in warm weather anymore. You can’t just pick up a t-shirt and go! You must dress according to the weather. Well, kiss the babies and have a good night! I’ll be checking in periodically to make sure all is well with you.