Time to Reorganize!

Hey all! So, remember when I talked about family changes, you must reorganize? Well, that time has come for my family now! As you may know, marching season is over. So now, there is no early morning rehearsal, no Tuesday night rehearsals and parent meetings, no competitions, or basketball games. This is a good thing, right? There’s more time so why restructure when things work out for you?

Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s true, there is a schedule free up, but if I am not careful, my day will slip away without me getting anything done! I am not saying that our entire family schedule will do a complete shift, but I can do small things in place of the free time that I now have. Perhaps I can wake up around 6, and write. This way, I have more time to do other things as the kids nap! You know, maybe paint my nails, watch more trash TV… things like that. I do not have to cook so early on Tuesdays anymore, so now, I can concentrate on more housework and cook the same time I do throughout the week.

I am still working on the changes that need to be made to switch from marching season to concert season. Hopefully, there won’t be too many changes that will be difficult to transition to. I am still waiting for the concert and basketball schedule so I can know what is happening and when. When reorganizing, do not forget about how things that are not in your control can change. Be ready, stay ready! Enjoy your Monday and hopefully you will be getting dinner prepped soon!