This Morning, I Never Woke Up

Today Elijah had a dental appointment. He’s been super excited to go every since Jerry got back from his appointment on Friday and came home with a balloon. This morning, for some reason, I just could not wake up! I supposed it was because hubby and I were watching an awards show until midnight. Needless to say, when the alarm sounded off, I just wanted to cry!

Even though I woke up feeling rather crappy, the morning went pretty well getting all three tots dressed and breakfast served. My husband had PT this morning (military physical training) so when we were leaving, I eagerly waited to see if my husband could at least keep the two tots that did not have appointments. He did not… instead he did help me get everyone loaded up while I made coffee to go.

Because I already knew what kind of morning I was having, I  had to work a little harder than normal to keep my cool with the inevitable crying and whining that three little one can bring. This is why I made sure that I did not rush the kids, allowed them to chose their own breakfast and had them go to the potty right before my husband loaded them in the car. Believe it or not, taking these small steps really cuts down on a lot of whining and crying which I was not that equipped to deal with this morning. It only takes a few moments to make sure everyone is happy. Just remember, no rushing. It only makes the morning go bad for everyone, especially you!

We arrived right on tine for the appointment and Elijah was able to be seen right away. Jerry and Kelsey were so good and happily browsed the pages of the magazines in the waiting room. I did make sure everyone went to the potty as soon as we got there just in case. Both boys insisted they did not have to go, but again, with my nerves and sleepiness, I encouraged them to go, and they did.

We had no groceries in the house. I absolutely did NOT feel like making a Walmart run. I considered just going home to relax and getting back out later. What in the world was I thinking? Walmart is right across from the dentist! I decided to go and get food for dinner to hold us until our big shopping trip this coming weekend. In my defense, I would normally run to the commissary on base, but they are closed on Mondays so Walmart was my only option. We went to the bathroom first stop. Remember last time we went shopping, Elijah had to potty as soon as we reached the check out counter! The trip went fast and there was no cheekiness at all with my babies. I was shocked and so happy I decided to go ahead and make the trip. I told my husband how I reconsidered going straight home from the dentist and coming back out later. The look on his face was priceless.

Even though I was so tired, and even now at 10pm I am still convinced I still haven’t woke up from this morning, I decided to go ahead and put dinner on. I made crock pot pork chops with gravy, cabbage, and corn bread. It was sooooo yummy. Hubby even wanted to take the left overs for lunch tomorrow. We were sitting down at the dinner table by 4:45 and done eating around 5:15-:5:30-ish. I love when we have dinners early in the evening like that. The clean up was super quick and had my entire evening to enjoy my family.

Everything’s already done for the morning. Hubby’s lunch is in the fridge, the boys clothes are laid out for the morning and I have my clothes ready as well. There’s some trash TV calling my name, but I think I should go ahead and call it a night. I need my rest to make sure I am fully prepared for what tomorrow may bring.

Until next time, have a good evening, and remember, making small sacrifices that feel bothersome most definitely pay off in the end. Why spend your evening bothering with chores when you can relax and enjoy your family?