There Comes A Time To Sacrifice for the Bigger Picture

I woke up this morning around 3:30am… I have a lot on my mind so it can affect my sleep. I really have to find better ways to let my worries go. Anyway, as soon as I go back to sleep of course, it is time to wake up and take my oldest to morning rehearsal. I was running on auto pilot until my husband unexpectedly came home around 9:30. an hour or so later, I was able to get my morning routine back on track.

I had a couple errands to run like going to the bank on post, the commissary and dropping Antonio’s glasses off at the Exchange for repair. Actually I was not able to make that stop since Miss Kelsey was both tired and hungry. We made it back home, had lunch and instead of putting the kids to bed for their naps, I decided to let them watch a new episode of Blaze. You know those episodes are new only every so often. During this time, I took the time to get a lot done around the house.

Tuesdays are busy for me since there is the band parent meeting and rehearsal. I actually played hooky from the parent meeting so I could watch the kids rehearse. There have been big changes for this upcoming band competition in Albuquerque. It’s the big one- Zia. I put dinner in the oven, baked chicken, made the rice… just everything was done by 2! I was able to sit and relax as the kids finally laid down for their naps. It was so refreshing. For that break.

It’s always nice to have dinner and the clean up taken care of, the only draw back is, it is extremely exhausting! By the time I could relax, the kids were up, we made cupcakes… poor Jerry was having a complete meltdown and cried for at least an hour straight! He cried because I wouldn’t let him open the frosting and sprinkles up until the cup cakes were done. Then he cried when we had to let the cupcakes cool. Next he cried because I wouldn’t let him eat 2 cupcakes… luckily hubby came home in the nick of time. An angry tot takes a lot of energy out of you. Especially when you have to stay calm in order to diffuse the situation.

By the time I made plates for the kids, my eyes were so heavy! Remember, I woke up at 3:30. I still had work to do though. I just made myself a tumbler of ice water, gave everyone kisses goodbye and headed out to rehearsal, with my sunroof open so the cool air could wake me up.

Rehearsal was nice. I cannot wait to see the changes on the field. Well, actually, I will be holding propos on the field lol. After practice, we made it home, I ate, the kids were put to bed, then finally, I went to sleep- early, around 9:30! I got a good night sleep.