Thanksgiving? Bring It On!!!!

Repeat after me: I am NOT afraid of Thanksgiving dinner, I am NOT afraid of Thanksgiving dinner, I am NOT afraid of Thanksgiving dinner! We homemakers have absolutely nothing to worry about preparing for Thanksgiving dinner- even homemakers that work outside of the home! Why? Well, because we know how to plan and prepare!

The menu is the first thing that should have been though out, planned, written out with the thoughts of how much the Thanksgiving dinner budget will be. It can be easy to have in mind such a huge feast and wanting to make all the family favorites. But remember there is life after Thanksgiving! Especially all of the holiday shopping right after! Make a reasonable menu and plan out your list!

I actually began my shopping last week. I know how difficult it is to find items such as cranberry sauce, macaroni noodles, pineapple rings (I bought the last can!), cherries… things like that. I actually just bought my ham and turkey yesterday. Those are in no short supply so I could wait to the last minute for those. Now I know my commissaries and they always tend to have more turkey and ham so no need in fretting about that. But always plan ahead so you are not left without.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I plan to make desserts only. I also plan to take my turkey and ham out the deep freezer. So on the dessert menu, apple cobbler and my yummy banana pudding! So tell me, what are your Thanksgiving prep plans??? I hope to see lots of yummy pictures.