Sunday Night Check-In 10/22

Oh.My.Goodness!!!!! I am beyond exhausted! But the good news is, everything is nearly done! I started my day off early with the tots, even though I was still recovering from yesterday’s band competition. My husband and I have agreed that Sunday would be a day he exclusively spends time with the kids since he’s been working a lot lately. He slept in, but around 11, he packed up all the tots and visited a nearby playground. I should have been relaxing, but honestly, there was so much to do I decided it would be better to work now and relax later. Meanwhile, my oldest finally decided to do as I asked when it comes to those fundraisers. His choir is planning a trip to Hollywood next semester so they are starting to fundraise. Our family has been shelling out a lot of money between band and choir, not to mention those senior fees. He wanted me to purchase a coupon book, and I asked him to let me think about it. So he decided to get dressed, and go door to door to our neighbors. He sold out!!!! I told him how proud I was and that he should keep up the good work.

Hubby and the tots came in around 1. I fed them lunch and later put them down for a nap. I finally finished up laundry, got the kids clothes ready for the week and did my nails! I was so happy that my husband took it upon himself to make dinner. I can get used to this type of spoiling. We ate dinner around 6/6:30, gave our kids a bath and had them clean up their toys. Before long, it was time for the little ones to go to bed. I can’t tell you that my babies went fast asleep and slept like angles. No, it was quite the opposite of angels! lol But finally, they did settle down and went fast asleep. As I am typing, I stop just to make sure that I am not hearing a lot of playing around. There’s school tomorrow so they most definitely need their sleep.

So what about tomorrow? How can I avoid the chaos that I had on Friday? Well, I have to go against my motto of never waking a sleeping baby. I feel so awful having to wake Kelsey and Jeremiah up. They sleep so peacefully. Now that it is colder in the morning, and raining, I feel especially terrible. But now I see that I am going to have to wake those two sleepyheads up once Elijah gets up. Sometimes I feel I get more done when Kelsey is still asleep. But seeing how she may or may not have to do a breathing treatment, and knowing she refuses to eat at school, I must feed her before she goes. So tomorrow will be our first trial at our new routine. I will wake my 2 that sleep the latest around 7:15. That should be plenty of time to get it all done and for me to leave my home in some type of order before I take the kids to school.

Well, it’s getting late, and tomorrow is my day I take the oldest to zero hour for band. Have a good night, make sure you are well rested and have everything ready for the morning. Good night homemakers, I hope you have a wonderful night and a great Monday.