Sunday Check In 08/06/17

Hi there homemakers! I hope your Sunday was productive as mine. Well, let me start by saying this: My day was productive, but it wasn’t as productive as it could have been.

We got our day started by eating breakfast and heading to the playground first thing in the morning. I have been noticing my tots have been refusing naps and it takes well over an hour after laying down for them to sleep. Miss Kelsey takes even longer.  I think the kids have not been active enough. Things have been pretty busy for me lately, so our activities have slowed down. This is not good for the little ones. I am glad that I made the decision to get out the house more, even leaving our backyard is a good change of pace. The trip to the playground played off. We got there early, around 10 am. I planned to stay until 11, but one of Jerry’s classmates came with his mom and older brother. We ended up staying until noon. By the time we got home, we got drinks potty, and I wiped the kids down and headed down for naps. The kids went down immediately. They slept for 2 hours! I was able to complete laundry and iron the kid’s clothes for the week.

I wanted to pick up take out but decided against it. I reheated leftover spaghetti and made chicken wingettes. I chose to not pick up take out because since the summer is winding down I wanted to go out with a bang! Taking the tots to Chuck E Cheese!!! I am pretty savvy when it comes to spending money, so I sacrificed. We are on a budget, so it doesn’t make sense to buy take out when I am taking the kids out the next day.

A part of my Sunday evening, I made sure the kid’s bag was packed for our trip to Chuck E Cheese. I got everyone an extra change of clothes, snacks for Kelsey and fever reducer along with anti-diarrhea meds. I even packed the car up so all we had to do is just get dressed and go.

My biggest problem was I slacked big time with planning for tot school. I was flying by the seat of my pants and it was a hot mess. We did get the lesson done though. I just had to redirect Jerry more than the lesson. But that’s ok. I am more than prepared for the next session! So until next week, take care of your family, and YOURSELF!