Sunday Afternoon Check-In 08/27

Howdy Homemakers!!! How’s your Sunday coming? I hope a bit more productive than mine. I won’t say this morning was a total waste, but I do wish I had done a little bit more than what I did. After breakfast, I decided last minute I would take the kids to the playground. It probably took us around 20 minutes to get everyone dressed, my bag packed, water bottles filled and everyone in the car. I originally planned to take the kids later this afternoon after naps.

We stayed around an hour, and got home around 12:30. The kids were beyond tired. Even Elijah feel asleep in the two minute ride home. I was able to wipe the kids down and let them take their naps. After that, I finished washing and putting away their clothes. I am sure everyone will be waking up soon, so I really need to iron everyone’s clothes for the upcoming week. Tomorrow I have to drop everyone off at school because I have an OB appointment. This is less than ideal because I know Miss Kelsey is NOT a fan of being in the care of others. I pray that she can stay in the same class as Jerry.

I can honestly say I have no idea what is for dinner. I’ve changed my mind one too many times. Perhaps I should go with the original plan of grilled chicken breast, salad for the big people, broccoli for the tots, some sort of a starch and rolls. That will be such a quick meal, but the thought of thawing out the chicken breast… ughhh. For now, I will go ahead and get lunch prepared and move into second gear. It’s nearly 2pm here and there is no time to waste.