Stay Tuned for Something New!

How was your Fourth? I hope the family had a great time watching fireworks and cooking out! As far as our family? Well, we stayed home. 3 tots, all congested and not feeling too well, didn’t make for a time to go out. There was no way we could head to Ft. Bliss like we did last year. The weather here was much too hot. The kids were in no condition to be out and about in the heat.

Instead of going out, we stayed home and played some of their favorite board games, we skipped tot school and Daddy and Elijah played a video game. I was shocked that we didn’t grill, we normally grill on every single holiday. I actually backed chicken today. We ate dinner pretty early, maybe around 4:30ish, I supposed that’s supper. Sadly one of the humidifiers is down so I am switching out the humidifier every few hours between the boys and Kelsey’s room. I got up to check on the boys and as soon as I opened their door, they jumped up from around the humidifier. I am not sure what they were doing, but at this point, I do not want to lose another humidifier! You have no idea how many we have gone through from cheeky boys!

So now everyone is in bed, soundly asleep and resting well. Preschool for the boys is still in the air for now, depending on the level of how they are progressing. Jerry seems to be getting over his cold, but Elijah just fell ill last night.

Right now I am looking over tomorrow’s tot school lesson plan and decided to order a few materials for upcoming lessons. Elijah will go to a Pre-K boot camp is school is holding at the end of July and I want to make sure he is READY!

So that brings me back to exciting news! I will begin to feature videos featuring resources that you can certainly use as a homemaker. The first video will be on tot school prep. I have plenty of readers that ask me so much about my tot school lessons so I decided it is better to show you in real time! These videos will range from organizing my tot school materials and supplies, how I prepare lessons, and an actual lesson in action. I hope you will find these videos informative and entertaining as well. So please stay tuned as we begin to roll out our videos!

With that being said, it is nearly 11:30, so I must make sure my coffee will be ready in the morning  and get some good sleep! You need sleep too so that you can be ready to handle whatever tomorrow brings. Be mindful of the correlation of your bedtime and what time you wake up. Your body isn’t the only thing that needs sleep- your mind needs it too. Your worries have to wait, clear your mind and get some sleep. Make sure you wake up just 5 minutes earlier than you normally do- try hitting the snooze one less time than what is normal for you. Promise yourself, you will not rush yourself and the kids out the house. Do this and watch everyone’s moods and temperaments change for the best.

Sweet dreams and good night!