Saturday Evening Check-In 08/26

Good Evening Homemakers!!!! How is your weekend going so far? Have you been on the move non stop, or are you and the family able to relax and take it easy all weekend? Or is your weekend the same as mine, somewhere in between?

Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge so I don’t have to worry too much about it later in the week. I made a list of things we absolutely needed in the house that couldn’t wait until next weekend’s shopping trip, you know the dreaded one that involves pre planning and all that jazz. I was able to turn into bed early thank goodness because even though our family did not have much going on, I was extremely tired! I suppose the week’s activities finally caught up with me.

This morning I woke up very refreshed. There are times when I need to stay up to get things done, but I am so glad that last night I decided everything would have to wait. Of course my tots blasted through my bedroom door like the bouncing balls of energy they are. I must admit, I wish my husband did not have to work this morning, otherwise, I would have slept in a bit longer. I got up anyway, changed Miss Kelsey and got my oven going for bacon and began boiling water for grits. In the meantime, I got all of our morning beverages. My 4 year old Elijah loves when I refer to the kids drinks as beverages! The boys get orange juice and Kelsey gets warm 2%, and I get much needed coffee.

By the time breakfast was over my husband was home. I cleaned the kitchen and the boys got out their trains. Kelsey was just fine getting into everything that she possibly could. The next thing I know, it was nap time! I fought with myself if I would pick up the items we need from the commissary, which is 2 minutes away from my house, or Wal-Mart, which is 30 miles away. I needed household items that I can technically purchase at the commissary, but I like what Wal-Mart has to offer better. I do pay more for my groceries when I buy off base, but there are some things that aren’t a good value for a family my size. For example, a 16 oz pack of bacon will only last a day or two in my house and that is the largest size our commissary has. I laid around a bit and drank another cup of coffee. I finally decided to shower and head out.

I got back home about two hours later, put the groceries away and prepared breakfast for everyone. After lunch the boys got back to their trains. I love watching them play and how they use their imaginations. They would go back and forth after some time to run around. Around 4:30, things got too crazy with the boys so we all headed out back to play. We even took the bikes out since the patio is large enough for them to ride around on. Daddy came out to play for a bit too. I accidently threw a Frisbee over the neighbors fence, and of course they were not home.  Why my family only has one Frisbee? Who knows! We came in after 6 and ate dinner.

Laundry is starting to back up so after dinner I got the tots laundry going. I am not even considering our laundry until tomorrow. I am now looking up recipes for chicken breast to make tomorrow. So dinner, laundry, and ironing the kids clothes along with tot school is what I have on the schedule tomorrow. I think tonight will be another night where I turn in before 10:30.

Have a good night homemakers, and make sure to check in with me to know what you have going on for the rest of the weekend!