Rough Morning

I think I went to bed too late last night. Maybe it was a bit after 11pm, but I had to get up around a quarter to 6 to take the oldest to morning rehearsal for band. Usually after I have gotten out of bed, washed my face, brushed teeth and gotten my coffee, I’m ready to go! Even that crisp, pre-fall weather was not enough to get my blood flowing enough to fully wake me up…didn’t help it was still dark when we left the house.

We left at a time early enough so that I did not have to rush nor have anxiety on my way back home dropping him off in hopes I would make it home in time for my husband not to be late for PT. I was able to get a few things done on my computer this morning before I could finish my second cup of coffee, Mr. Elijah comes and cuddles up next to me. He said he was too sick for school and wanted to stay home. I told him, just lay next to me and drink oj and see how the morning goes. I made oatmeal and he complained and whined, then I hear him waking Jerry up, which upsets me. Jerry then wakes up in a horrible mood because he was still tired.

After a little time, Elijah finally gets out of his whiny mood, but Jerry just began and did not stop. This morning my nerves were so frazzled and the whining did not do anything but intensify my feelings already. Luckily just in the nick of time, hubby came in and just jumped in and helped out. This was right on time because Jerry had a complete meltdown all because I wanted to help him brush his teeth!

With hubby helping get Jerry dressed, we were out of the house within minutes. I had a small set back, I had to iron jeans. The weather was too cool IMO for the boys to wear shorts that I already had ironed. I was so grateful to not have to fight with Jerry to comb his hair! He always gives me such a hard time with that, but never his daddy!

Class starts at 8:30 in Elijah’s Pre-K room, I got him there at 8:20. I don’t like dropping him off right when class begins. I know every now and then we run behind, but I really try to get him to school early so that he knows being late is not an option, when you can help it. Since Jerry is in a new class, the big boy room, he is very excited. I am praying the days of separation anxiety are over!

There are mornings that are going to be just AWFUL! There are going to be times when there won’t be anyone to come home and rescue me from the morning chaos when I am already in a bad mood. I am not sure what I can do to prevent mornings like this from happening, I am not even sure if mornings like these can even be avoided. All I do know is, I do have an obligation to my children and husband to not lose my cool and snap. I feel that I was working overtime by keeping my cool when the boys were whining and complaining this morning. The absolute worst thing I could have done was to snap. It can be hard, but take your feelings one at a time and just set your mind, you will NOT lose your cool! Take care of yourself today and I hope all goes well for you, for the both of us.