Rise and Shine!

Rise and shine homemakers! Well, I’m sure everyone has been awake for some time. Getting out the bed at 5:30 this morning was quite difficult. I actually turned heaters on in the middle of the night and I did not want to leave my bed. But I did! It’s early morning band rehearsal for the oldest. I was so annoyed with him yesterday as he went to rehearsal at 6:30 in the morning and 42 degrees out in a t-shirt and basketball shorts! And this is even after I just bough him new sweats and Fall clothing! Needless to say, when I picked him up from evening rehearsal, he froze! This morning he made sure to wear a hoodie and sweats. I had to make him go back inside for a coat though. Now that he is taken care of, I just have to make sure Elijah is bundled up for the pumpkin patch trip tomorrow with his pre k class. I want him warm, but at the same time, I do not want him uncomfortable in too many layers.

How is your morning going? Are you and the kids preparing to leave the house in a civil manner? Are you mentally ready for the morning commute if you are headed to work? Have you taken anything out for dinner? What about working moms, did you prep dinner the night before, is there anything in the crock pot? Give yourself one less thing to do and see how much time you actually free up. Yesterday morning was most productive. I was able to get my pot of beans on, work on my magazine and make breakfast all before 7:30 when the boys got up! My day was busy, but I got it all done.

Well, its nearly time for my tots to wake up so I better get breakfast going and head to the school. I hope you all have a wonderful day and please don’t forget to add in time for yourself, some way, some how!