Practice This Summer for a Flawless Fall

Schools out, and the kids are hardly thinking about going back to school this coming fall. But not us homemakers, no, we are already thinking about the what’s and how we can make the upcoming school year run a lot smoother. We’ve already made plenty mistakes, ran late, fussed at the kids…. what a year! So now it is time to reassess our situation and make changes. I may not know your exact situation, but I may be able to bring to light a few things that you can put into practice now so that in the fall, your mornings and evenings go off without a hitch!

Something I intend to work on is moving dinner up to an earlier time. At the moment, we eat dinner anywhere from as early as 6pm and as late as 7:15 on a busy day. Because of unforeseen lazy days, or maybe a doctors appointment that ran over time, I need to give myself more wiggle room just in case dinner runs late. I finally decided after going back and forth with myself to shoot for 5:30, 6pm for dinner. Starting tomorrow, I will make sure that I prep for dinner and make sure that I am able to get dinner on the table around 5:30. Besides, the later dinner, the later the tidy up process becomes and the more tired I can get in the evenings. I must admit, my biggest issue is meal planning consistently and making sure I have my main course defrosted. Failure is not an option. Remember we have Elijah starting Pre-K and this program is still only three hours, but he is going for five days a week. So I need to make sure that he is fed and bathed no later than 7pm.

Laundry! Let’s talk about making sure the kids clothes are ready for the week. My boys are in preschool for only three days so yes, sometimes I do wake up a few minutes earlier because I neglected to iron the boys clothes for the three days. A part of me feels really bad because it’s only six outfits to iron! And did I mention I pretty much have Sunday and Monday as well to do my ironing? On the other hand, sometimes I just iron clothes for Wednesday and Thursday for both boys on Tuesday morning while they are in school. But again, now I have to really make sure I am on my game on Sunday because I am going from ironing six outfits to ten.

Dedicate a day for major cleaning, a day for the mid week “tidy up” and of course everyday you can do a spot clean. This is mainly for the bedrooms, bathrooms and the dusting. Sadly that darn kitchen has to be cleaned every night when you cook. If you work outside the home, Sunday may be a good day for the thorough cleanings. Actually, Sunday is my cleaning day as well. Sunday is considered my fresh start for the week. Once I have everything in order for the week, everything runs so much smoother.

Sunday’s are so important when it comes to planning the week. Always make sure you have looked over your calendars and planners early, meal prep and begin preparing your grocery list for the upcoming shopping trip, get your cleaning and laundry out of the way! You will be so glad that you did. It may be hard breaking some of your old habits of haphazardly going through the week without much preparation, just take baby steps and you will become addicted to how much smoother your week goes. Ok, start making your list as to what you need to improve on, what needs to be changed and start making your changes now so that this Fall, you will be good to go.