Parent Meeting starting at 4

How are you handling those meetings at the kid’s school that begins in that time frame that is not exactly the afternoon, and not exactly evening? They start too late to have dinner prepared after you return home, and if you prepare too early, you lose valuable relaxing time. What do you do???

This was exactly my issue last Wednesday. The Pre K parent orientation was from 4-5 pm. However, because I had this meeting on my mind for a few weeks, I pretty much had everything planned out. Realizing the time period of the meeting, I knew that starting to cook at 5, and we all know how slow I cook, I could not expect my babies to wait until 7 to eat. Besides, the babies sleep at 8 so that is much too late for them to eat.

I have to admit, my husband was home from work so I had help. Our oldest had to be at school for band practice at 5, so we made a compromise, my husband took our oldest to the school at 2:30, well actually he dropped him across the street to have lunch at a restaurant with friends until practice started. I began my prep work early. After I dropped the tots off earlier that morning to preschool, I made a Walmart run for a few groceries. When I got home, I unpacked my groceries then picked the boys up from school. After I put all 3 babies to bed for nap, I immediately got to work. I mopped the kitchen and living room floors, then began prepping dinner. I clean the kitchen as I cook so there is no big mess. I made lunch for the babies as they slept. SO by the time they wok up around 2ish, they were able to eat. By 2:30, my husband was taking the oldest to band practice. I was able to give the kids their afternoon snack and started getting ourselves ready to go.

After we all got dressed, hubby made it home around 3:30 and began o get dressed too. I combed my daughters hair, and by this time, it was 3:45. We live 3 minutes away from the school and made it in plenty of time to unbuckle the kids and drop them off to their classrooms (no kids were allowed in the meeting).

Taking your time will allow you to remain in total control of your emotional well-being. There was a couple that arrived 20 minutes late. The mom looked very much frazzled. By the time she finally got her bearings together, the meeting was over! She was already late and missed a lot of the meeting, and the part she was there for, I could tell she was not all the way there mentally. This is why my general rule is to always arrive 10-15 minutes early. This way you are not making a big disturbance being late, and you can relax without having to rush!

There are going to be times when you do have to give up your “me time”. But in the end it is worth it. Once we got home from the meeting, my husband ran into the store for something and by the time we got home, we were ready to eat! I usually fret if the meeting goes over, or if we need to make a stop. But already having the house clean and dinner ready to be served, there was plenty time to socialize with other parents at the meeting and to make a stop to the store.