New Job? Make Sure You Follow the Unspoken Rules of the Workplace

So you got a new job? Or maybe you need new clothes for work. Have you thoroughly reviewed the companies dress code policy? Is it professional dress? Business casual? Or maybe just casual? Are jeans an option or is it more of a laid back, whatever you like to wear policy? Whatever the job’s dress code’s policy is, make sure you are not drawing unwanted attention to yourself. I understand no one wants to look like robots and fit into a certain mold. The reality is you can be yourself, dress how you like and still follow the protocol of the office.

Most companies allow for more relaxed dress codes these days. Honestly that does not give a pass to wear whatever you want. There is a difference between wearing causal clothes and wearing clothes you would wear to a night club. Most companies have an explicit policy for some items, like ripped jeans for instance. They will tell you flat out they are a no-no. Casual clothes are clothes you might wear to an outing with the kids. 6 inch heels and tops showing too much cleavage is not work appropriate. Even though the dress code may not say you cannot wear these items, think of it sort of like an unspoken faux pas.

These days employers are giving their employees autonomy when it comes to the dress code, but always know there is a difference in looking professional and looking like you are heading to a night club after work. There must be an even balance between work clothes and going out clothes. In between you will find the perfect outfit for your new job. For more visuals of what’s appropriate for work and the night club, check out our Pintrest boards.