Monday Morning Check-In

Good Morning Homemakers! It’s Monday morning, YAY! I know some of us hate Monday’s while others look at it as a new start for the week. I’m one of the ones that likes the fresh start that Monday brings. It’s my way of trying to work on things that did not go according to plan the previous week, or attempt to make sure I have all checks on my to-do list. I just got back home from dropping my oldest off for morning band rehearsal. Our family has the most busiest week coming up so I must stay prepared.

One thing us homemakers have to keep in mind is, with every change in the routine, every new thing added to the schedule, we must refocus and reorganize. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are aware of what’s coming up Sunday morning. I understand there will be times when you do not do laundry, ironing for the week isn’t an option, meal planning- forget about it! If you only get one thing done on Sunday, make sure you have your planners filled out and synched with anyone that helps out with the kids, like your mom, spouse or significant other. Always take time to make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected on their part. It can already be stressful when your kids are involved with multiple activities during different times. The worse scenario is when you are trying to get everyone where they need to be and the person that helps you out has no knowledge of  their particular role, or perhaps you told them when you need them to help you, last minute. Can you imagine the added stress? Avoid that. Let everyone know ahead of time of your complete schedule. Should you forget an event or activity, just let them know ASAP. Letting your help know thins last minute also puts a strain on their schedule and increases the chances of them not being able to help you.

Last week in one of my moms groups, there were multiple posts throughout the day, all week with moms complaining how hectic their morning was that day. I’m thinking, “If only they read my blog!” Anyway, most of their morning drama was originating from a lack of preparation. Sure there were some post where being prepared or not the issue, but for the most part, lack of planning and hitting the snooze button one too many times was to blame. I decided to make a post asking how everyone’s morning went. Well, let’s just say the responses is what gave me the need to create The Pampered Homemaker. There were honest answers as to how badly the morning went for some, then the flood gates opened up for the perfect moms to shame the horrible, awful moms who have bad mornings. The thing is, these moms never say “Oh how awful you can’t get your kid to school on time!” Instead they low key shame other moms replying with things like, “oh we never have drama, I’m too organized for that!” The list goes on and on but you get my point. Now don’t get me wrong, I think a parent should try everything they absolutely can to get their kid fed and dressed on time with no drama, but I could never ever shame a mom that has difficulties doing so. There are far too many situations that can come up for me to ever judge a mom if she doesn’t have smooth mornings getting the kids out the house.

We always talk about making sure you wake up early, and not on time for your kids needs, but what about YOUR needs? We always think, “what if the kids need….I must prepare for that”. Those intentions are absolutely good, but let’s not forget about our needs as homemakers as well. There is no shame in considering your kids and yourselves. Have you ever had a morning where maybe you had a tummy ache and needed more time in the bathroom? Are you pregnant maybe and moving slower than normal? Did you put off getting gas and have to stop for some on the way? Is the flat iron not working like it should? These things that don’t even involve the kids can cause morning slow downs. These mishaps, aside from getting gas, are unexpected events that can cause delay.

At the end of the day, we all want one thing for our morning routine- pleasant! No one enjoys yelling or fussing at the kids all the way out the door. Even the homemaker that fusses all the time never enjoys it. It puts kids in the worst moods ever. Sure kids usually mellow out and have a great day anyway, but let’s strive for a smoother morning. Giving more time in the morning usually reduces the stress and rushing. Make time for morning snuggles and hugs. Let the kids eat in peace without having to shovel food in their mouths. But at the same time be aware, easy going mornings can also cause your family from being early, to on-time, to running late. So make sure there is a good balance between moving at a steady pace and still taking care of morning business.

Make sure you have taking something out the freezer to cook and I hope you and the kids get out the house safe and in great moods!