Mommy and Me Trike Ride

Who says tiny tots don’t need to get out and get a little fresh air and sunshine! This morning was a bit rough getting the boys ready for preschool. Both boys were fixated on playing around instead of getting dressed. Even brushing their teeth was a hassle. To make matters more complicated, they both had extreme separation anxiety! Why on earth is my 4 year old having separation anxiety????? Poor Jerry had it worst today for some reason. Finally I got both boys settled and Kelsey and I were on our way back home.

After Kelsey and I ate breakfast, I began cleaning the kitchen and prepping dinner. Yummy red beans and rice! Kelsey pulled out her trike (all by herself). She dragged me from the kitchen and placed my hand on it as to say, “here mama, let’s go!” I had no choice but to oblige my beauty. We went around the block and had such an amazing morning! The weather was absolutely beautiful and Miss Kelsey is already trying to pedal herself!

After we returned home, daddy came home and it was time for me to pick the boys up from school. Once the boys and I got back home, they saw Kelsey’s trike on the porch. Of course they immediately wanted to take their bikes out for a spin around the block. This was not the time to do so. It was lunch and nap time, so we got ready for that. I do plan, however, to go on another afternoon ride this afternoon as well. I’m really loving the change in my kids now that they more active. No one is even worried about the TV or tablets! So tell me, what are your kids doing this afternoon???