Labor Day-A Holiday For Us Homemakers Too!

SO Labor day just passed a few days ago. I should have taken this day off, but I did not. I worked as I always seem to do! Labor Day means something more than a day to celebrate all those hard working folks in the United States. For me, this day signifies a change, several changes. Change in the weather, change in my children’s wardrobe, and a huge pre-spring cleaning. Let me start off and explain. My oldest son gets all of his fall and winter clothing right before school starts. Since he has ride a bus and has band practice and all that jive, I have to make sure he is prepared for all types of weather changes that can occur at any time. This summer before we went back to school shopping, I helped him clean out all of his clothes that he can’t fit anymore. The plus with him is he has enough storage space and closet room to keep all of his shorts, sweaters, long pants, jackets and suits together throughout out the year. I like his set up since with this fickle fall weather he can wear shorts if he chooses to if the weather gets hotter through the day.
Well, the babies, not so much space. Last weekend, I ordered almost $800 worth of clothes for all 3 babies from Carters. The clothes finally came last Friday. Between all of my normal chores, it was hard work separating the clothes, trying them on the babies, especially Miss Kelsey! Well, by Monday, the clothes were finally separated, washed and ready to be put away. First things first I needed to get all of the too small, and summer clothes out of the way. I started with Kelsey’s stuff first. She was the easiest since she down’t have as much as the boys. But there was still lots of re-organizing that needed to be done. Actually it took about 2 full days to get her closet and drawers reorganized. I did keep only a few summer outfits though in a bottom drawer. All the rest of the summer things, packed away! I have to admit, I am still struggling with getting the boys things organized in their closet and drawers. It is a bit of a challenge since some things fit Jerry that are old, I want to keep those items for play wear, but I do not really have a lot of room for play clothes and new clothes for both boys. The drawers are sill a work in progress. As of now I have undershirts, Elijah’s PJs in the top drawer, underwear, swim trunks, and socks in the second drawer, Jerry’s PJs in the third drawer, the fourth drawer has the fun t shirts and shorts for both boys. I think now I’m going to just divide the 2 drawers up between the two boys equally. I am going to start on their drawers tomorrow.
Labor Day tells me it is time to kiss beautiful long summer days good bye. No matter how much we love our summers, come Labor Day, it’s over. All the swim trunks, shorts, tanks, beach stuff, and swim googles, time to put them all away. Not too far away, but just out of sight for now. I’m even putting away my Bath and Body Works summer soaps and candles away and bringing out my fall scents. I love when I’m getting my Elijah ready for school and he can finally wear his jeans and a fleece jacket, and after I dress him, he says, “Ahhh, nice and warm!” I love Fall. I love all the nice scents and the chill that’s in the air. Yes, Labor Day signifies a lot of changes for me… good changes!