Keeping Your Commitments Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Elijah has a really sweet girl in his class that he absolutely adores. He asked could they play outside of school, so I said yes. I told her mom in passing as we picked our kids up the next day. Later the mom added me on Facebook. For some reason, I didn’t feel like reaching out at the moment, and I’m not sure why! Maybe my own shyness, who knows! But anyway I felt that perhaps I should go ahead and reach out to her on messenger. We decided to go to one of our many playgrounds here on post. Luckily the family does live here too so that makes it so much easier.

The day that we had the playdate was so crazy! I already promised one of my band moms that we would watch my husbands bowling league on the same day! We decided that earlier a couple weeks back. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Only reason was because we were meeting at the park for 3, so that was dependent on the kids waking up from nap. Then I wasn’t sure if the oldest needed to be picked up from school at 5 or not… there was just a lot going on. Not to mention there were items that were needed from the commissary, and to make sure my home was “company ready” clean in case my band mom friend needed to stop my our house. I was feeling like something needed to go!

Well, the kids did NOT nap. That sort of worked in my favor. The way I saw it, if they did not sleep, maybe they would go to be earlier than normal and my friend and I could head to the bowling alley a bit earlier than normal. I got the kids dressed, fixed snacks for all the kids, including my friends daughter and a few extras in case there were other kids there, the first aid kit and headed out. The kids had a blast! Nearly every kids in both Jeremiah’s and Elijah’s class was there! I was super glad that I didn’t allow a busy day to discourage me from following through. Besides, who wants to be “that parent” that never keeps the commitments? Remember my magazine article, Cancelling Playdates?

Once we got home, though, my anxiety levels rose. Elijah ate with no issues, Jerry or course only ate a bit here and there. By the time I had Kelsey’s plate ready, she fell asleep on daddy! I didn’t like she fell asleep so soon, especially without eating. I was leaving the tots with the oldest while we went to the bowling alley. After around 30 minutes, I decided it was over and she was down for the night, especially since she hadn’t had a nap. I attempted to put her pajamas on, and that was a huge mistake! Or was it? She was so cranky and woke up. Only to be angry with me! I tried to feed her but all she wanted was bananas and a fruit pack! The time was 5:55 before I realized, I had to leave for the store so I could make sure we had breakfast items the next morning. My husband took Kelsey to calm her down as the boys finished dinner. I made it back home around 6:15 and the house was an absolute mess, and Kelsey was wide awake leaving a mess!

I was to meet my friend at the front gate to escort her into the base at 7:30 so time was running out! I was still in sweats too. But somehow, some way, I was a cleaning machine! I even got the kids dressed for bed and settled down! I was able to shower, do my make up and everything!

I met my friend early too! So I was finally able to relax and watch my husbands bowling league with no worries. My oldest confirmed everyone was sound asleep. We were less than 3 minutes from my home, that’s why I wanted to make sure the house was clean in case I needed to run home, I could take my friend with me and not be embarrassed by a mess! I was able to enjoy grown up time and grown up conversation. I was so happy I didn’t cancel this girl date and followed through!