It’s Vacation Time Again

This is an exciting time for our family. We are headed to Granny and PaPa’s house! While the tots are super excited and asking is today the day, Our oldest, is away on business so he went to the grands earlier in June. This will be our first vacation without him. It feels strange, but he’s growing up and has his own business to tend to.I am running like a headless chicken! But it’s ok, I do have a plan to keep it all together without losing my head.

Yesterday was the first step into preparing for our family holiday. We took a drive to the outlet in El Paso to get clothes for our babies. We realized we hadn’t gone shopping for the tots for sometime now so what better time to get them new threads. Shopping with them was a lot easier with daddy in tow. I typically like to go out after the babies have napped, but with the drive being over an hour away, we decided, the earlier, the better. The kids slept in the car and were pretty excited so no one was grumpy even though they did not take their full naps. I planned to go to three stores for the babies, one which I never have shopped before, but how could I resist the stores that I normally shop for them? Shopping to a bit longer than expected because the second store had a dressing room and I refused to buy clothes that did not fit and having to drive over an hour away to make an exchange.

My husband even was able to find a couple of outfits for himself. By the time my husband was wrapping up his purchases, Miss Kelsey was beyond done shopping. So she and I will have to shop for me tomorrow after we drop the boys off to preschool. Most people love going out of town and hitting the shops. Me on the other hand, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to shop while I am out of town, but not when shopping is a must. It’s really stressful when no one has clothes and there are activates are planned. It always seem that when you have to buy something, you can never find anything! Or when you do find something, the size is wrong. Besides, this isn’t a girls trip where we have plenty time to brows the shops. No, this is a family trip with tots. They most certainly are not trying to shop, they want to get out and ride wagons, or go play in water. So I make sure shopping, especially shopping under pressure is avoided.

For the next couple of days, I will outline what I do up until the point when we leave for our trip. The purpose of this is to show that one does not have to lose their hair in an attempt to get the family packed up for a vacation or trip to grandmas. One thing I am hoping to do is challenge myself to make sure our family leaves at our desired time. Last trip, I believe we were three hours behind! So please stay tuned and read my upcoming articles. I hope this can help your family too!