Homemakers! Today is Sunday! You know what that means right? Well, in case you are new to the whole “homemaking” thing, today you prepare for the upcoming week! This means finishing up laundry (remember those of us with large families need to have at least one to two loads a day to make it easier), ironing the little one’s school clothes for the week- yes, even our tots that only go to preschool a few hours a day, meal prepping, and overlooking the upcoming schedule for the week.

Whew! That’s a lot, right? Well, it sounds like a lot, but for most of us homemakers, we rarely have to leave the house for extended periods of time on Sundays unless it’s to go worship or a quick Walmart (or commissary) run. I tend to do my big shopping on any day EXCEPT for Sunday’s. I typically start my mornings looking at my planner to see what the week will look like for our family. Our oldest is going to be pretty busy so I have to plan for that since we are still driving him to where he needs to be. This can be a bit of a task since I usually have my 3 little ones in the bed with me tugging, pulling and trying to scribble as I plan, but that’s ok. I absolutely love the mornings when we can all cuddle together.

I think about how I need to manage my day to make sure I am able to fit all my work and family time together. I made a list of everything I need to accomplish today: finish laundry, iron the kid’s clothes for the week, pick up a few items from the commissary, tot school, clean the bathroom, change all bed linens, vacuum, cook dinner, meal plan, and take the kids outside. There was a lot to be done, but I did have a few moments too many of down time. Then there were moments where my 2 year -old wanted to cuddle in my lap, and of course, I obliged! I did not totally get everything done that I wanted to today, we didn’t stay out for an hour and a half as I expected, only an hour, I didn’t get to complete my ironing for the week, nor, more importantly, did I meal plan. Well, Monday is a day off for me and the kids, so in the morning for sure, I will make sure that I meal plan first thing in the morning and be sure to iron clothes before the kids take their nap. I set this time period for myself to make sure I do not keep putting the ironing off and not get it done. I absolutely hate ironing the morning of school. There is just way too much rushing, and I do not like to rush my kids in the morning. I like those smooth running mornings where everyone is leaving the house and walking to the car in good moods. Do we ever have rushed mornings? Of course, we do! But we do not like to focus too much on the bad moments. I would much rather focus on what can be done to plan better for next time. Today did not go as I expected and there will be days where you simply cannot get it all done. And this is true even with the help of a spouse or older child. Parents should cut themselves slack and know that every plan will not always be executed as expected. We can spend more time beating ourselves up, feeling like a failure that those feelings begin to trickle down on other members of the home. Kids pick up on our stress and anxiety pretty well so we need to always keep that in mind.

So now it’s well after bedtime, the dinners been put away, kids are sleeping peacefully, and I am done watching trash TV for the night. Even though I did not complete everything on my to-do list, but I am pretty confident our family is off to a great start for the week. I hope you have at least gotten the major things out of the way, the things that will make your week move a little more effortless for your own peace of mind. Never stress yourself out because you didn’t get all the checks on your list. Just put them at the top of your list for tomorrow! I hope you are also getting to bed at a decent hour. When I have gotten at least 7 hours of sleep, I won’t allow myself to hit snooze too many times because I know for a fact I have gotten enough sleep. Also, I wake up in a much better mood. So get sleep and have it set in your mind that you will not have to rush in the morning because you have prepared!