It’s New Years Eve!!!

Good Afternoon homemakers. This is a special edition today since it’s our favorite holiday, NEW YEARS! I love New Years because it’s a chance to start over and for new beginnings. I love to challenge myself to things that I need to improve on. I have lot’s of goals and improvements to make, so why not start now?!

I have expanded my brand by adding hand made planners and other stationary items for purchase through our blog and Etsy store. This has been a challenge in addition to keeping up with the blog, magazine and also my family. It is absolutely time for a routine restructure. Also my Elijah will be starting Kindergarten this upcoming Fall, so tot school needs a restructure as well. We are hoping to change some décor around the house, my eldest will be graduating high school this Spring, and of course planning for how our summer will go. There are so many things I need to consider. I cannot lie, I do feel overwhelmed at times, but with proper planning, scheduling and pacing myself, I can get it all done with a smile on my face and sanity in tact!

You can expect to see changes for the blog as well. There will still be weekly check ins and when I feel something important to post for the moment, I will do so. But the regular posting times will change. I am in process of creating the schedule, but you should see it pretty soon. The magazine is still quarterly and will come out on schedule. If you have not subscribed to that, please do so as soon as possible to receive valuable information. The changes you will see are going to be an advantage to you and I both!

I am very excited about the upcoming changes and the new challenges that my family and I will be facing in 2018. I foresee nothing but success and I pray you see success as well for you and your family! Thank you all for support me through this wonderful journey!