It’s Family Vacation Time Again II

Today was super busy but productive. I was a bit disappointed today because we ordered Kelsey a new car seat and a camera that was expected to come today, but it’s been delayed. That’s ok, they should arrive tomorrow. After Kelsey and I dropped off the boys to preschool, we came home for a quick breakfast and headed to Target for a few things for our trip.
Because we live so far, a Target run is not exactly ideal when time is of the essence. Can you imagine a day before, or even the day of departure, you have to drive almost 30 miles to the store, then shop? That will surely drive anyone mad! Sadly, this has been my reality plenty of times right before a trip. I vowed this time will be different. No more running like the building is on fire. Packing and preparing for a trip can be done with ease and I must prove that to myself. After purchasing a few odds and ends, I got back on laundry. This time I concentrated on the kids bedding and blankets. No need in coming back home to sheets that are not so fresh. It seems as though laundry is never ending. I washed a couple pairs of canvas shoes that I have, plus having to wash all the blankets together, then the sheets and duvets together, then the mattress protectors… it was exhausting. Not to mention I made tacos tonight because it’s so quick and easy, but you know how I cook, I must wash dishes and put the food in containers so that after dinner, clean up is super easy. It takes time to  cook this way, but it pays off in the long run.
I really did not pack everything up at this moment, but I did have the majority of items that I was packing pretty much laid out in laundry baskets. The day that we left, I was not running around like a headless chicken! I actually was able to prove to myself that packing for 5 people was not going to kill me, nor did we have to leave the house a hot mess in the process before we hit the road! I was able to actually have my home entirely clean, no dirty dishes and only a few dirty items in the hamper. All that it takes is planning and you too can have an effortless time preparing for your upcoming vacation!