It’s About That Time for Seniors!!!!

Last week was so unreal to me! I paid for my oldest, Antonio’s graduation stuff! As I’m swiping my card, he gets his Senior 2018 sweat pants, T shirt and Hoodie… I’m like OMG where as the time gone??? How did this happen? He was just in second grade like yesterday!!!! It’s just so official now! Invitations have been ordered, cap and gown is next, marching season is over, and now that it’s Thanksgiving Break, the first half of his senior year is nearly over!

But of course he’s going out with a bang! He just made New Mexico’s All State Band! He’s performing at one of the local university tomorrow, and this time he can get an actual feeling what it’s like to perform in the pep band for a university! I figured his greatest accomplishments would come his senior year, and as always, mama is right!

Now, enough bragging! It’s time for business talk! I’m hoping that your senior is already registered for the college entrance exams, at this point it is too late to even pay the late registration fees for the December testing. If you are already registered, be sure to submit a photo of your child before the deadline!

I hope everyone’s been studying hard to make the best possible score. It’s time to prepare to apply for colleges, make sure there has been humanitarian service, grades are at their absolute best and citizenship is outstanding! Continue to give gentle reminders where your kids actually are! Teens have a strange concept of time and take it for granted. They have no idea just how fast time is flying!