I Would Have Been Less Tired Had I Driven Myself to Russia

Ok, I know I know. There is no way possible to drive to another continent, well unless it’s South America. Anyway, this past Thursday I was so tired, I could not even settle myself down to go to bed once I was finally done with my ripping and running. Have you ever had one of those days where you had so much running to do, you almost feel like you have betrayed your body? My day went a little something like this:

This day was the second to last day of school, and of course our oldest, Antonio decided he needed a few more moments of beauty sleep so he missed the bus. If you recall, we live about 30 miles from his school. I got all the kids dressed and we headed out the door. Did I mention I only had one cup of coffee? The preschool drop-off went ok. Jerry (DS 2) has separation anxiety that comes and goes. I usually have to remind him of milk, play-doh, and an endless amount of bubbles once they do outside to play. He finally released me once his teacher picked him up. Dropping off Elijah (DS4) is usually easy breezy. After my preschoolers were in class, I proceed to make the drive through the mountains to drop off Antonio (DS 16).

Now that Kelsey and I are back home, I whip up a bowl of oatmeal for her and I pour myself another cup of coffee. After we eat, I have to get myself and her dressed, not to mention style her thick mini fro, because my husband’s command had a family fun day. We left the house approximately one hour after we returned from dropping my oldest off at school. Then comes all the back and forths: driving back home to get a few forgotten items, a bag of ice at the store and apple juice later for the boys after I pick them up at 11:30. After I get back to the picnic (luckily hubby had Kelsey as I’m running). The boys had absolutely no interest in eating lunch, just playtime! That was ok, because the location was at the biggest playground they have on our post. The boys played non-stop, even Miss Kelsey, from 11:45-2pm! Of course leaving the picnic was a lot easier with my husband and his co-workers helping us load up. Poor Kelsey played so hard she fell asleep as her daddy carried her to the car!

Oh My Gosh! Can you imagine how tired I was once I got home? The boys had fallen asleep in the car as soon as we reached the first stop sign which was about 60 feet! Once I got the kids home, I gave everyone a quick wipe down since they were much too tired for baths. Once everyone was tucked away in their beds, I could finally relax! My poor house looked like a disaster zone. I had a choice to make- clean up now and try to whip up a quick dinner, or clean later, once I was at the end of the day and ask hubby to cook. I chose the later. I was so worn out I had no choice but to rest!

Antonio had a doctor’s appointment that was set for 4pm, which means I needed to leave my house at 3 to make it on time to pick him up from school and make it so that we were not late. As soon as the appointment was over at 5, we had to hot tail it back over to the school for a mini band camp, which was over at 6:30. It made no sense to drive all the way back home just to have to pick him up after a few minutes. After the camp was over, I had four different stops to make. These stops were two different take out spots for dinner, gas, and a run to the store to pick up drinks and breakfast items we would need in the morning. I must stay on top of certain items we need in the morning because the commissary on post does not open until 10am. Its a really big inconvenience but it does help me stay on my toes as to what we have in our pantry.

Once I got home, I fed the babies, bathe them and put them to bed. My night was not over yet. As much as I wanted to go to bed, I had to clean up so that I could wake up to a clean slate in the morning. Plus my husband was off work the following day and he’s more apt to taking care of the kids in the morning as I sleep in when he can work around the kitchen. This is another reason I always make sure my daughter’s changing table is fully stocked with diaper and wipes so that he can find anything he needs and I can get other things done around the house.

My house was finally to my satisfaction and now it was time to unwind! The only problem was I couldn’t! I tried to relax but I was too wound up. I decided to break out the aromatherapy to relax my body and eventually fell asleep.