I Was Unprepared Pampered Homemaker!!!

I have been nursing 3 sick babies for the past week! The baby that took their cold the hardest was my baby girl, Kelsey. She developed a respiratory issue on Sunday night so I made an appointment for her to be seen at the Dr office Monday afternoon. 2:40 could not come soon enough as I heard her breathing becoming more and more laborious. Her cough was terrible. My poor baby was miserable. I was annoyed at the Dr office because our family Dr was running behind big time and we had to wait an additional 45 minutes to be seen after the medic took all of Kelsey’s vitals. Once seen, our Dr was extremely concerned and immediately called for the nurse to bring in a breathing treatment and to call for an ambulance to take Kelsey and me to the hospital. I am so thankful the afternoon turned out the way they did. Originally my husband was not even planning to come to the appointment at all. Then he called to say he would come home and at least help out with the boys while I took Kelsey to her appointment. Well, he was running late and asked could we meet at the clinic which is only 2 buildings away from his work. I have to admit I was annoyed. I didn’t feel like packing all 3 babies up while Kelsey was so miserable. But something told me to get the boys dressed (they were still in PJs) and I’m so glad I did! We met hubby at the clinic and he decides to stay. Well, he had the boys and I can only imagine how restless they would have been having to wait for the doctor with Kelsey and me. Not to mention how horrible the appointment could have gone with 2 restless toddlers and a baby having serious breathing difficulties.

So we get to the hospital and we wait. We were there for hours!!!! Luckily Kelsey was given additional breathing treatments along with Tylenol for a fever of 103 (she also had ear infections). The only issue was while we waited to get stabilized, Kelsey was so uncomfortable. Not just her illness, but she was fully dressed in jeans and a blouse. She needed her pajamas and unicorn slippers!!!! Not to mention, the hospital had the roughest blankets and towels EVER!!!!! My diaper bag was ready for a quick 2-minute commute to the post clinic and to return home. All I had for her was a couple onesies, a 9-month fleece jumper (she wears 18 months), a face towel, an empty bottle of lotion, 2 baggies of powdered milk, diapers and wipes. I could have at least used a pair of sweats and fuzzy socks for myself! Here’s the deal. We are about 45 miles from the hospital. Hubby stopped by the house to get the boys settled and ready for bed so when Antonio put them in bed, they would be ready. And he had to get food for all boys. I was unable to call him and didn’t want to bother the extra busy nurse staff for a phone call. Plus we were waiting any moment for the pediatrician to come in and say whether or not Kelsey was leaving or being admitted to the hospital. I didn’t want either one of us to have to drive all the way home, get the things we needed, then come back to the hospital just for the doctor to release Kelsey. But if she was getting admitted for sure, we would have gotten the things we needed.

Of course, once home, I immediately packed two reusable shopping totes of emergency items in the event any of us need to be overnight or somewhere for long periods of time. I made sure to have for the kids: pajamas, undies, wipes, lotion, body wash, towels, comb, brush, a change of clothes, tooth brush and paste, an extra bottle for kelsey, juice and blankets. I don’t think I’ll ever leave the house unprepared again. No matter how short the commute is.