How Often Are You Saying NO?

Ok, we need to talk about something I feel is important. And that is telling our kids “no” all the time. I’m not speaking of unreasonable things our kids may ask up. I mean seriously, if your kids wake up on a Saturday morning asking to go to Disney, yes, the answer more than likely will be no. What I am speaking of are those instances where your kids are asking for things that are more of a bother to you as the parent. For example, I hate that my kids love Play-Doh. But they love it so much and are so creative with it. I have told them not today a couple times, but you know what? Recently, I made the decision to let them play with it, within time and scheduling reasons to get the Play-Doh out. I won’t turn them down because of the huge mess it makes. Sometimes, it’s more convenient for us to play in the backyard instead of packing up and heading to the playground. Although it is impossible for us to go to the playground every day, I will make sure we can at least go 3-4 times a week. I am making sure that we break the monotony with our routines I have noticed that all 3 tots are having a difficult time falling asleep at naptime so I would have to assume they need more activities and stimulation. I am even considering changing up the tot school routine as well.

We must keep in mind that our children’s needs always come first. Make sure the times you tell your kids no, it is because it truly is something that is not possible or a good time to do at the moment. I would hate to kill my children’s spirits and have them think, “goodness, we can’t ever do anything fun!” I know your kids like a mess, and love to go out and about to do things, but let’s let them have some fun. Try free fun! Ride bikes, take the wagon out for a spin, make your own Play-Doh! Just get out there and have some fun. The absolute worst thing you can do is sit in your own comfort as the kids have been inside on ipads and watching TV all day. There is nothing wrong with either of the 2, but it must be done in moderation. TIme doing physical things and time spent outdoors should always be greater than screen time.