Have You Considered This?

For some homemakers, the summer is winding down rapidly. Others still have plenty time left before school starts for their kids. Most homemakers have had their kids seen or already have them on schedule to be seen at the doctor or dentist for their check ups and cleanings. If not, please do not wait to schedule those appointments. Doctors and dentist offices fill up quick while school’s out. You do not want your child to have to miss anytime during the most exciting part of the school year because they need to go to the doctors.

Aside from the normal dental and doctor appointments, have you considered  getting your family’s electronics checked out? Make sure they are in good condition and virus free before the upcoming school year. There will be plenty of research that needs to be done, papers to type, and online tutoring sessions that will be held. Who wants a computer that is dragging and you can’t figure out why? The office supply that I shop has a program for their reward members that allows me get our computer checked out once a year for free. You may want to check around and see who can give your electronics a once over to make sure there isn’t something that should not be on your computer or preventing it to run the way it should. Make sure you check around and find a good deal. I wouldn’t break the bank for preventative care, but I would shop around and find a place to do it within budget. Many anti virus programs will give your computer a look to make sure there are not any viruses or damaging programs on the computer. I did not realize it, but they will also remove the virus at no cost to you at all! It’s a part of your subscription. It’s best to take care of this now because I did have to contact my anti virus company to remove a virus and it took FOREVER!!!!!! I didn’t complain because my computer was good as new afterwards. Wouldn’t it be horrible for your child to be in the middle of an online tutoring session or typing a paper and having to wait over an hour to get a virus removed?

Something else to consider, your vehicle! I would definitely invest in a diagnostic on the family’s car. Especially when you depend on your car to take the kids to and from school. I always keep my single homemakers close to my heart when it comes to car issues. I can remember a mom posting on our mom group page, saying it was winter, in Chicago, her kids were strapped up in their car seats crying because her car would not start. She had absolutely no one to help her. I am not saying this summer preventative maintenance will keep your car up and running forever, but it will help bring attention to issues that you were not aware of. Some car problems need to be taken care of right away, others can wait. There are some things you can check yourself. Tires look nice and new? Look underneath the car and check how the inside view of the tires look. I can remember wondering why my car was riding so roughly, a mechanic showed me that when your car is out of alignment in an extreme case, the outside view of the tire looks new but the inside is badly worn. The worst thing ever is taking your sweet babies to preschool and you have a surprise blow out on the commute! How scary for everyone! No one likes a surprise car problem. Those are extremely stressful situations.

There is nothing that can totally keep unexpected surprises from happening. But it is best to at least see where you are so that you can fix any problems that may occur. I would try to run my computer at least once to twice a year, and my car, definitely twice a year.