Getting Married… What Happens Next??

So you just got married to the man of your dreams. What needs to be done next? Well, I can tell you for sure, with the military, you must be about your business or else you will miss out on a lot of entitlements for your new life with hubby. First things first, I would say right after you get a copy of your marriage license ( Some states do not return the marriage license right away, for us, San Diego had us wait 5 days- so check the records departments policy.) Your husband will have to fill out form DD 1172 which will add you as a dependent on his Page 2. The Page 2 list all of his dependents. If you have children prior to the marriage, they will be added as step-children. They will be entitled to all benefits as well. The Page 2 is very important. Make sure that you have been properly added. You can always make sure by checking yourself. This is strange but I swear you can check that you are a dependent when you go to the Exchange website and register yourself as a user. If you are on your husbands Page 2, once you enter your information, you will be granted access and can shop at the Exchange online. If you are not on the Page 2 yet, you will not be able to register for an account with the Exchange. Please understand that even though you receive your military dependent ID card, there is still an extra step your husband has to make in order to get you on the Page 2. Understand this is a 3 step process. Your husband has to go to his command to get you on the Page 2 but you guys can get the ID card yourselves at the DEERS office. I know is San Diego, it’s a lot easier to make an appointment online rather than being seen as a walk-in. Just go to the Rapids Appointment Scheduler online and follow the instructions. Congrats on your nuptials and stay tuned for more information about what you need to know as a military spouse!