Final Back to School Prep Check-In 09/01

Good Evening Homemakers! For the most part, everyone’s child should be back in school by this Tuesday. Where are you in getting ready? Have you done the majority of your shopping yet? Luckily most retail stores are still in Back to School season so the sales are still on. I am all about saving money and hate to miss a sale!

Have you established a bedtime routine for the kids? Is your laundry routine organized and planned out? How about the evening routine to make sure everything is laid out for the kids? Have you noticed that the most time consuming part of the morning is when you are trying to assist your children in finding those small items like undershirts, belts, and socks? Don’t forget about paying for lunch if you know you do not qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Now is a good time to get your own personal planner, the family calendar, and your cell phone to make sure you are not blindsided by a school or extra curricular activity. This is especially important if you work outside the home. Check your school district’s website to see if any parent nights are coming up soon so that you can schedule this time off or leave work early so that you do not miss out.

By now, I hope those closets are cleaned out, and your back to school shopping list has been made out. Back to School season will be ending soon, so make sure you check your emails for any coupons and discounts your favorite stores are offering. Enjoy the very last of summer to all my homemakers and I will be checking in with you later this weekend!