Enjoying Summer Break in Your Own Backyard!

It’s summer and the kids are out of school! What does that mean in your home? More groceries? A higher electricity bill? Yes, it is very true household expenses do rise over the summer, but more importantly, longer days and plenty of sunshine!

In our family, we only have one kid that’s old enough to actually appreciate being out of school for the summer months, but honestly, I do not feel he truly appreciates exactly how carefree these months are! The preschoolers and Miss Kelsey absolutely love these laid back days, even though they go to school three times a week. Things will change I August as Elijah will be entering an official Pre K program where he will attend class 5 days a week. At any rate, he will definitely enjoy these carefree summer days.

So what are our days looking like? Well Monday and Friday’s are the days where there is no preschool and the kids are home with me all day. We typically get up around 7 or so, get dressed, eat, straighten up, and head outside for fun! I love going out in the mornings. The sun isn’t so hot out, and the breeze is nice and cool. I sit on the patio and drink my coffee as the kids have so much fun playing around. Luckily, Jerry, the 2-year old, let’s me drink my coffee before asking to swing for the entire time he is outside. Elijah, the 4-year old, is usually busy digging up holes and playing with his dump trucks. Miss Kelsey is by my side at all times riding on a car or pushing an old walker she’s much too big for. At any rate, she’s having a blat! Later in the summer as it gets hotter much earlier in the morning, we bring out water toys like a pool or the water table. We haven’t gotten sand for the sand box this summer yet, but it we will bring out the sandbox really soon! The kids really enjoy sitting in the sand. It can be nice and cool since we have it in the shade.

After some time of being outside we usually come in and get washed up and ready for naptime. Depending on what the kids did and how dirty they got, I either give them a wipe down or a full entire bath. Their best rest comes when they have played so hard and gotten so dirty they need a bath. They go down so easy without a fuss.

As the kids sleep, I take a few moments to prepare for being outside later in the afternoon. I usually prep dinner if I have not already, make sure the first aid kit is fully stocked, and prepare the cooler for ice water. I also get lunch somewhat prepared. Usually the kids are super hungry when they wake up from nap. This way nothing has to cool down and they can eat as soon as they get up.

When lunch is done, we make up beds, tidy up, refresh the sunblock and bug repellant, grab flavor ice and the water cooler and head back out for more fun! Here are a few helpful tips” During the afternoons we tend to stay out a bit longer, that is why I prefer to have the majority of everything done for the evening before we go out a second time. This way I am not feeling “paniky” about having to go back inside to make sure dinner will not be late and served on time. Make sure you have everything you need for going out- Bubbles and bubble machine, water table set up, bug repellant, sunblock, first-aid kit, ice water and cups, and whatever toys they play with outside. These small tips can make a huge difference from being able to chill outside and have lots of fun with your children rather than being outside not enjoying yourself because you have to keep going inside for small things or worried how much time you can spend outside before having to make dinner.

Summer is for fun- all day! Don’t worry if you have to go inside because it’s much too hot. I would just hate for the kids to be stuck inside watching cartoons all day! So write down some things you know your kids like to do in your own backyard to be prepared to make the most out of your summers! You do not even need to leave the backyard if you do not want to. Here’s what the list looks like for us:

Kiddie Pool

Water Slide

Water Table


Chest filled with Ice Water


Chest with ice for ice pops

Sand Toys and Buckets

Sand Box

First aid Kit with bandages, wound wash, cotton balls, and ointment

Bubbles and Bubble Makers (seems so much more festive playing outside with bubbles)

**Make sure everyone is staying hydrated with WATER! Also eating before going out helps with fatigue and keeps energy levels up. Everyone knows I never snack or food shame other mothers, but I assure you during the summer, fresh, cut up fruits is so much healthier in the heat

So have lots of fun to brag about when daddy gets home. He will be so jealous that on the weekends he has no choice but to participate in all the fun. Repeat after me: NO COUCH POTATOES ALLOWED OVER THE SUMMER!