Columbus Day Check-In

Good Day Homemakers!!! It’s Columbus Day, so that means everyone is home today. It also means that I was able to have a more relaxed prep plan for the week. With this extra day, I just might get a bit busy because I was more relaxed with my work. Laundry is done, but I still need to iron the kids clothes for the week. Meal prep…. well, I really hadn’t put much thought into it. Honestly, I am only sure about dinner tonight! Meatloaf, everyone’s favorite!

I have been so busy lately preparing for the very first issue of The Pampered Homemaker magazine. I hope you all check it out. If you love my blog, you are going to absolutely love the wonderful articles that are inside. Anyway, keep in mind the fickle weather that Fall brings. I am always worried if I am dressing my tots accordingly. The early mornings brings cool, crisp weather, and mid morning brings more warm weather. I still feel it’s time to put the shorts away, even though we have upper 80s weather.

Today will be the day to go over the family’s schedule to discuss upcoming appointments, meetings and other stuff that is going on. Even though you are coordinating the family’s schedule with those that help you, make sure you give reminders as well. There is no time for “oh I forgot!”.

What do you have planned to do for the week? Have you made sure you carved time for you? Have you checked the kid’s backpacks and classroom newsletters? Make sure you have the kids ready for school and yourself for work if you go for the week. I should have a mid week check in just to see how everyone’s fairing. Until next time, have a great wonderful day!