Choir Concert Catastrophe

Last Thursday our oldest, Antonio had a choir concert. The same day, my husband had something to come up. Instead of asking hubby to change his routine around, I decided the tots would enjoy hearing the choir sing. Typically my husband will stay home with the children for fear they will cause a big disruption.

Nothing went according to plan that afternoon, by the way. Elijah’s pre k class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch and stayed later than normal at school. I picked him up a little after 2pm and boy was he tired! During our  less than 3 minute commute home from the school, he was already asleep. Once we got home, he wanted a snack and to lay down. Well, that nap never happened. I know how he gets when he has not had a nap and made me fearful for the upcoming evening.

I stayed on schedule in getting the kids baths and dressed so that we did not have to rush to the concert and to be early as well. The biggest issue I had was that the kids picked over their supper. There was no time to encourage the kids to finish their plates, so I relented. As we were finally loading up, in the back of my mind was wondering when would they eat? Usually during the ride home the kids are wiped out and are asleep in the car. Especially now since it gets so dark soon.

As soon as we get to the theater, we find seats. Then the kids need to use the restrooms. I walked right past bathrooms and went out of the way to find one. Next time I go somewhere, I need to make sure I find out where all the bathrooms are located. So we get back to our seats and the concert soon begins. The first set was a group of a Capella all girl singers. Kelsey really enjoyed that one. She was quiet as a mouse and clapped when they were done. The next set is when things got a bit crazy. My 4 year old was actually quiet the entire time as he anxiously awaited for his brothers group to get on stage. Poor Kelsey just could not control herself. I was fortunate enough to actually hear him sing but I had to rush her out the theater as soon as I could.

The concert lasted all of 50 minutes and it was amazing. But next time, I will not bring the kids, well Kelsey at least for now. I feel horrible that parents are waiting to hear their kids and Miss Kelsey screams as I will not allow her to dump milk onto the floor! Well, lesson learned. She is just too young to attend.