Best Day in Housewife History

Being a homemaker, there are times when I feel so overwhelmed! On top of taking care of 3 babies 3 and under, I have my teenager I need to constantly stay on top of, a home to manage, never-ending laundry, oh and did I mention my husband is TDY? (Temporary duty assignment away from home) 5 days out the week??? SO Jerry, the 19 month old is having daddy withdraws. He’s whining and crying all day because he wants his daddy. Elijah, the 3-year-old… well, he’s being a typical 3 year old. Non stop energy and saying, “Hi Mama” every single 2 seconds! Miss Kelsey, well, she is being her normal diva self, and Antonio, bless his heart. He has such good intentions and high hopes, but his follow through is slacking! I’m constantly having to help keep him on the right track. I really miss my husband being home during the week to help out. Granted, he doesn’t have to do much, but something as simple as giving the boys their baths really helps out tremendously. I talked to hubby on Thursday and let him know that as soon as he comes home on Friday, I am leaving the house and having a “me day”! He Surprisingly came home really early too! Like around 9am! I did stick around the house to make sure the boys were dressed and ate lunch. I also waited until the DirecTv guy left. So now its 12:30, and I’m on my way. No kids in tow! First stop, the nail salon! The only guy in Las Cruces that can actually do my nails exactly the way I want them (he also isn’t allowed to take appointments) was able to do my nails like after 10 minutes of me waiting in the shop!!!! They were such a pretty purple. I get the gel nails and a really short length. I also of course got the Overindulgence Spa pedicure. This pedicure gives you hot stones, heated lotion, hot towels and a foot mask. This guy doesn’t give the best massages, but he’s really good about getting that dead skin off your feet. He also corrected my eyebrows from me trying to do them myself. They were perfect! So next stop was Journey’s Kids. I bought Kelsey the cutest Ugg booties, pink with a bow on the back, and pink sandals. Then I got my ring cleaned at Zales and picked up another pair of earrings for Kelsey. They are pink crystal bows. Super cute. After that, I left the mall and went to my favorite place in the world (next to Disney World), Target! I got 2 purses for Kelsey, cold medicine, and Tot School supplies that were in the $1 section for the boys! I must admit. Sometimes all I need to be able to recharge and get myself together is some retail therapy and of course a mani/pedi. I felt like a whole new me!