Back to School Check-In: Week of 08/06/17

HELOOOOOOO Homemakers! Let’s chat and see where we are with getting our precious kiddies ready for the upcoming school year. A lot of you just had tax free weekends, or perhaps your tax free weekend is coming soon. I used to be so against tax free weekend, it’s like Black Friday all over again! Who wants to handle two of those in a year! Having four kids now, shopping tax free weekend is a must! I was able to do the majority of my shopping online though. I did go to Target and Walmart for a few other miscellaneous items like school supplies and such. Shoes have been ordered and already received. I hate the tots saw them because they just absolutely had to wear them now instead of waiting. But that’s ok. I suppose they need to break their shoes in now.

Have you began paying for what’s needed for those extra curricular your kids are involved in? Start thinking about uniform cost, special equipment, practice clothes and fees. I have paid the majority of band fees, actually, I only have 2 more fees to pay and we are done! I’ve even added lunch money to the account for my oldest! Make sure you check with the school to make sure there are no school bus changes that have been made and you are not aware of. I can remember last year something told me to check the district’s website and sure enough, the bus picked the kids up 15 minutes earlier than they did the year prior. There were a lot of parents really angry they had to drive 30 miles to take their kids to school.

There are really good deals for school supplies. Make sure you check around and see who has the best deals. This s a great time to stock up so once school begins, and homework is assigned, you don’t have to worry about the expense of purchasing more supplies or having to pack all the kids up just to shop for items that are needed.

I am sensing a subtle change in the weather. The rain is bringing in cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, there are still 95+ days, but I can absolutely tell there is a change in the weather. During my last Walmart run, I made sure I purchased fever reducer and other comfort meds. A change in weather usually means sick babies! Especially smaller kids. My next trip will to get another humidifier and make sure we have tummy virus comfort medicines.

Most people feel Christmas and Thanksgiving is when parents spend the most, but they forget just how much we shell out for back to school. The earlier you plan, the less impact on the family’s budget. You can get basically everything your kids need and a lot of what they want if you plan accordingly.