Ok parents and students a like! Today’s date is th 23rd October and if you are planning for college this time next year, you have got to kick it into 5th gear! Has your student volunteered in the community? How are their grades? Are they participating in extra curricular activities? Do they hold any leadership positions? More importantly, have they taken their college entrance exams yet? This is very important. Antonio has yet to take his. He was supposed to this coming Saturday, but for those of you that live in the Southwest as we do, its the annual Zia band festival! So he will take it this December. In my opinion, that is sort of late. Better late than never, but he really did not take my advice to have taken it months back. My intention was for his to take it the first time just to get a feel of it, then earlier this semester to test for the real thing. But that’s ok, I’m just praying he sticks to the plan.

We have already gotten a letter back from the University of New Mexico, but it was stating before they could proceed with his application, college entrance exams and an official copy of his high school transcript were needed. Fortunately the transcripts can be ordered online through his school’s student portal. Now would be a great time to break out those ACT study guides I got for him last year. I hope no one feels too behind the curve to catch up for college next fall. There is still some time to kick it up a notch, but you do not want to wait until the Spring to try and rush. Grant it, you can, but why rush?

This is a very important time for our kids. They are so excited and we as parents are excited too! It took all that I had to wait for Antonio to let me open his letter from U of N! It’s still shocking that he will be graduating and leaving home!

My next blog will be about preparing for the Free Application for Federal State Aid, so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, continue to encourage your seniors to keep up the good work- now is not the time for missing assignments, and they can no longer put off or avoid the college entrance test. The schools MUST have those before they can complete the application process. As for us, I do not care what concert or competition is coming, Antonio has to take his ACT this December, no if and’s or but’s about it!