Afternoon Bike Ride

Today was one of the most busiest days ever! I know, I know, I always say that. Well, its true! First, my husband has a mission this week where he has to be at a work site an hour away at 6am. So now I must take my three tots with me when I take the oldest to zero hour band practice. We have very early mornings. I feel bad that I have to wake my sleeping babies, but at this point, we have no other choice.

My husband and I bought the kids bikes on Saturday, even Kelsey got one of those trikes that you can push around. Elijah has been super excited about his new bike. He rides it pretty well. Jerry, on the other hand, still needs to grasp the concept of peddling. So far, we have been letting the boys ride their bikes on the back patio. Today my husband decided it’s time to hit the actual streets! As the kids napped, I had to get things done if we were going to ride bikes and then for me to pick Antonio up from band rehearsal. Since my husband was home, I went ahead and filled up my gas tank and headed to the commissary for a couple odds and ends that we usually run out of frequently. After I returned home I sprang into action. Made lunch for everyone, started dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

After the kids napped, I stripped all their beds to wash and finished up dinner. I only made the broccoli and mashed potatoes, but I did season the pork chops to grill once we got back from our bike ride. It took some time to adjust Kelsey’s trike, but we finally got her going. I made sure that I had a backpack for emergencies: first aid kit, pampers, wipes, my keys lol! I filled water bottles for all 3 tots and we were off!

After the bike ride for a little over an hour, the kids were exhausted! They had a great time. We all did. As soon as we got back home, we bathed the kids, got their pj’s on and ate dinner. The kids went down for bed with no problems at all.

I know there are times when we as parents are super busy. I know I am. A lot falls on me because of my husband’s work schedule. It’s very easy to give the kids an ipad or maybe turn on their favorite movie. When raising kids, you have to ask yourself, would you rather win the battle or the war? You can win a small battle by relaxing for a moment allowing your kids screen time. But, if chose to spend an hour or so with physical playtime, I assure you the bedtime routine will go a lot smoother than how it has been going. Try it! What do you have to loose? Kids have so much energy. They must have a release. They need sunshine and fresh air.

Try for 3 days straight, adding in physical activity into the evening routine, you will soon see there won’t be much time for tablets, phones, or televisions. After some time, you should be able to see a positive change in your kids behavior.