About Me

Hi there homemakers! I’m Brandy Pryor, wife to a wonderful active duty sailor and a mother of 4 children: Antonio-16 years old, Elijah- 4 years old, Jeremiah (Jerry)- 2 years old, and Kelsey-Ann- 1 year old. We have lived all over the place being a Navy family. I am originally from Dallas, Tx (where Antonio was born) and my husband is a Chicago native. Elijah was born in Yokosuka Japan, Jerry, in San Diego, and Miss Kelsey was born here, where we currently reside, in White Sands Missile Range, NM.

I started this blog and magazine because I feel the world we live in has such a strong desire to achieve perfection. In the process, the “real” us is starting to get lost. Social media is a tool that can very much allow us to divorce our reality and become anyone that we want to be. The fact is, our reality could be we are struggling financially, have a child with behavior issues, and a marriage that is falling apart. But the internet can somehow turn us to be one of the most envied of the moms our mom’s group. We now have more money than we know what to do with, our kids have so many acheivements that we have no place to put them, and our husbands number one mission is to allow us to stay home with the kids as he works all day and comes home to cook, clean, laundry and tend to the children. The only real issue we feel comfortable speaking of is our favorite warehouse grocer no longer carries the kale chips our kids adore so much.

What a distorted reality social media allows us to have. When did parenting get to a point where we can no longer share the real issues that are burdening us, and hurting our families? The Pampered Homemaker insist on helping families that are in need. We want to break generational curses and create a safe place for families to discuss areas that need work! How can we up build one another as parents if we are always trying to have a better reality of the next mom? How can we possibly look down at our nose at others for expressing how they are having a difficult time?

The Pampered Homemaker is all about creating a loving, warm, and comforting place for our families so we can go out in the world and conquer! The outside world is a harsh enough place so we need to make sure that our homemakers have the self care they need to be whole for their families.

I hope that you will find valuable resources, here and see that you are not alone in the struggling areas of your life. Please subscribe to our magazine that is launching it’s first issue this Fall! If you think the Blog has valuable topics, just wait until you read the articles that will be featured in our magazine!