A Little Family Va-Cay

What a 2 weeks it has been! My family and I left to get on the road from White Sands, NM to Dallas, TX on July 8. I tried my best to be as prepared for the trip as much as I possibly could be. Honestly, I did not pack until the day that we left. Scary huh? Well, in my defense, I did a lot of my shopping and laundry the night before. The original plan was to leave at 10 pm so that the babies wouldn’t have a hard time on the road. That way they would be asleep the majority of the road trip. Welllllllll, we didn’t leave until 2am! That’s ok because we ended up cleaning and gathering last minute items in addition to making sure there was no laundry that needed to be done.  I hate coming home after a vacation to a house that’s not so clean. Hubby was able to get in a long after work nap, like 5 hours so he was well rested. Loading up our Odyssey was a breeze. We had 4 huge suitcases, 2 tote bags, Antonio’s trombone, lots and lots of toys and tot school supplies.

The road trip was surprisingly easy breezy! The babies didn’t wake up until 7am. Our first stop was in Odessa, Tx. That’s pretty much the half way marker to Dallas. The first stop took nearly 2 hours!!! We had to stop, wash faces, brush teeth, comb and brush hair, and change clothes. Next stop was down the road to McDonalds for breakfast. The boys ate really good and Miss Kelsey was being as sweet as ever. Elijah did have a nasty spill but it was ok, we just got him more food and he was good to go. Before we left, I made sure we got hot water for the milk Kelsey would need on the road. The McDonalds was attached to a gas station. That was really convenient for us. The most difficult part of the trip was keeping the inside of the car organized without so much stuff getting in the way of everyone’s comfort. I wanted to keep certain items within reach while were driving so that I wouldn’t have to play Jenga when I needed something. Basically I had a ziplock bag for each baby. For my two toddler boys, I had an undershirt, shorts, shirt, and a pair of socks times 2. Elijah of course had 2 extra pair of undies. For baby girl Kelsey, I had 2 onesies, an undershirt and a sleeper for her. I also had our families First Aid kit handy as well. Nothing too special in that, just the baics. The kids favorite band-aids, benedryl spray (for bug bites or poison ivy), and neosporin ointment. In addition to extra clothes and first aid supplies, there was also multiple blankets, pillows and toys for the road.

We made it in to Dallas around 5pm, and luckily my mom already had spaghetti and meatballs ready! That’s everyone in my family’s favorite. My extended family came to visit and it was so good to see everyone. It has been years! Even my sister surprised me by dropping by. My mom had a lot of activities planned for us. We visited the aquarium in Grapevine, rode a train to Ft. Worth which happened to be Elijah’s favorite, and visiting family. During our visit, I took Antonio to Ohio so that he could attend the Ohio States High School Marching Band Clinic. We had a blast! This visit was exactly what was needed to put his future in perspective so he can visualize his goals. Once we got back from Ohio, we only had 3 days left in Texas. We were going to have my parents drive us back, but the quotes we received for renting a mini van were outrageous! Even with our USAA discount, for the 3 days that we would need was nearly $500!!!!! We don’t even pay $500 for a brand spanking new 2016 Honda Odyssey!!!! So hubby came and picked us up. I absolutely LOVE vacations but its always so good to be back home!