A Day At the Mall with 3 Babies

Today is just one of those days where I had to take time for me. Yesterday I took all three babies to the mall and let me tell you, that was WORK! A few weeks ago my husband broke down and bought me a brand new 2016 Honda Odyssey! We got the mid level EX-L edition. Having my new van is really helpful with all my babies. Firstly, I am able to load up the kids easily and the ride was a dream! We put Elijah in the middle and Jerry and Kelsey on the ends. It’s much easier that way because Jerry is very heavy and it gets difficult raising him to get to his seat. So this is how the day went: The babies went down for their naps around 11:45-noon-ish which is a little late for them, but that’s ok. Elijah of course woke up earlier than everyone else which was good because I needed to begin the process of getting out the house at a decent time. During nap time, I usually prepare lunch so that it can be cooled off before they wake up and eat. I made fish portions and pears for lunch. Elijah woke up around 1, so instead of waiting on Jerry to wake up and they eat together, I went ahead and fed Elijah so that I could go ahead and get him dressed. While he ate, Kelsey woke up as well. She needed a bath so I bathed her and did her hair. I’m also doing lite housework like washing up lunch dishes and bottles so the house is clean when we get back home. Jerry finally wakes up at 2 so I get his lunch and iron a pair of shorts for him. Jerry takes his time to eat. He is very slow. Sometimes that works to my advantage. This was one of those times. Before we go anywhere I always make sure the babies eat and have had a nap. This reduces a lot of drama that comes along with toddlers. So now I have it in my head that we most definitely need to leave around 2:30. I was slowed down by maintenance coming by to replace house keys for Antonio and me. After I cleaned up Jerry, it was around 3:30 before we started loading up the Odyssey. I was glad Jerry took his time eating as I said earlier because I was able to get the diaper bag packed and organized, make sure I had my purse, 2 bottles for Kelsey even though she had just eaten ( I learned the hard way, even if you plan to only be gone for a quick run always pack milk for the baby!),gave the boys sippy cups filled with water and begin loading up. One thing I love about my Odyssey is that I can simply push a button on my key fob and the doors open! So we load up and head out.

This particular mall visit was a special one, Kelsey was getting her ears pierced! So we pulled up to the mall and started to unload. It was really hot and I am so thankful for the cool box that came with my Odyssey. It kept the boys sippy cups cool on the way to the mall which was about 30 miles away. I took my double stroller and loaded up Kelsey and Jerry. Elijah usually walks with me. The first stop was Zales to purchase earrings for the piercing. It just so happens that Zales had 20% off all children’s jewelry! I got the two of the most precious earrings for my girl. A pair of 14k gold heart earrings and 14k pink and gold butterflies which happens to be the theme of her nursery. Meanwhile Elijah is getting a little silly and Jerry of course is super laid back just enjoying the ride in his stroller. Elijah is such a sweetie but he can be extremely head strung. I have found that if I have a good balance of correction and re-direction he is much easier to manage. The walk from opposite ends of the mall was a bit trying at times with Elijah being all over the place but we finally made it to the Icing where Kelsey was getting her ears pierced. Kelsey finally woke up mid way to the Icing and that relived me because I couldn’t imagine her waking up to her ears being pierced. The store associate fell in love with Kelsey as everyone does when they see my sweet girl. Elijah was all over the place in the store. Thank goodness we were the only ones there! The associate let Elijah play with a stuffed dog and surprisingly he was content! I gave Jerry my phone to play with because he was being so good and quiet! Well, come to find out, I could not use the earrings I purchased at Zales. But that was alright, I was able purchase a package that included a pair of 14k gold ball earrings just like the ones I have and a three month supply of cleaning solution around $89 and the piercing was free. Kelsey did not cry when the piercing first happened. As with everything else, she has to process what just happened then she lets you have it! Poor girl screamed like she was in the worst pain of her life! I felt really bad for her, but she only cried for a few minutes. I just cuddled her and she was much better.

Well, it was an eventful trip to the mall. Before we left, I made sure Elijah went to the bathroom before loading everyone in their carseats. Usually I get all three babies in and he tells me he has to go! Because we have such a long ride home (about 30 minutes), I have to get Elijah to a potty, change Jerry’s diaper and usually Miss Kelsey needs a diaper change, bottle and an outfit change too! In the end, the trip was tiresome but so worth it. My girl looks even more beautiful with her new earrings.