Guess Whose Backkkkkk?

It has been wayyyyy too long since I have posted. So much going on in these past few years since I’ve posted. I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs. I’ve had successes, and I’ve had losses. But the one thing that has remained consisted through it all is my love for my family, and continuing to manage my home and children in the most efficient way possible.

First things first! The children! Antonio is in college, his sophomore year to be exact has joined in his university’s marching band, the choir and a fraternity! Elijah is now in first grade, a yellow-white belt in karate, and reading like a champ! Jeremiah is still mama’s baby, he’s homeschool (which we will get into later) a white belt , and 5 years old. Miss Kelsey-Ann, AKA Miss Priss, or Mama #2, is 3 going on 4 and also homeschools and helps me like no other. I am very lucky to have a second in command like her. And she’s just the prettiest ever!

We left White Sands, NM and are now back overseas where it all began in Yokosuka Japan. I had seconds thoughts about relocating overseas again, my stationery business  suffered greatly once we moved, but hey, such is life. I suppose that was life’s way of telling me that I needed to pour myself into my children’s education.  Anyway the country is still beautiful and I’m very happy my kids are able to experience living in another country. Elijah was born here but was much too small to be able to actually experience it.

I have been having a ball to be honest, life has not been perfect since we’ve moved, and there has been so much bad luck it’s unreal! But through it all, we are having a great time making lot’s of new friends, staying at the playground for hours (when the weather permits), touring the country and just loving each other. I’ve learned so much about myself, correcting some of my bad habits, embracing all of my good qualities, life is good!

I plan to contine to do what I love the most, writing, sending out quality post even if only one person reads it! Until next time…




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