Family Day, Busy Day!

What a day! Antonio’s band had a car wash today from 8a-1p. He wanted to attend the entire time to help out. Well, he had the worst time ever waking up because he stayed up late to play games on his computer. I was woken up at 6:15 by Miss Kelsey-Ann’s cries. She was uncomfortable as usual. My little diva was super wet and congested as usual. Of course as soon as I bat an eyeball, Elijah wakes up to find me. Shortly thereafter Jeremiah wakes up as well. I planned on taking Antonio to the location of the car wash which is almost 30 miles away and come back home to get everyone ready for the days activities. You know things never go the way you want them to. So I wake Antonio up at 6:30 because I wanted to leave in an hour, which was 7:30. He just rolls back over after I attempt to wake him. Now time is going by. I fed Jerry and Elijah breakfast as I got Kelsey dressed as well as myself. I am always multitasking. So I wake Antonio up again around 7 to ask him if he needed something ironed since I was ironing the boy’s clothes. He said no because he was wearing swim trunks. So he’s in the bathroom and no water or nothing is going. At 7:44am he says ok, “Everyone ready? Let’s go!” I’m like, ummmmm you can’t expect us to all leave just like that when I tried several times to get you up. I was glad that I kept my cool and just reminded myself that teenagers are really self centered. So I let him know that if he wanted to get to the car wash at 8, he should have gotten himself up when I told him to wake up. So now, he has to wait until we all get ready to go for 9. I then explained that luckily this is a volunteering thing but when he specifically has to be somewhere at a certain time, he must exercise self disclipline and get up! I do not want him missing out on opportunities because of lack of sleep and love for his bed! He got a little bit upset, but he softened up and was cool! I was so relieved. So the kids have finished eating and I literally throw a diaper bag together. I didn’t have all the emergency medications that I take with me or a first aid kit. But I had the important stuff like wipes, extra shirt for Jerry, diapers, extra outfit for Kelsey, onesies, burp cloths and bibs. I ironed hubby’s clothes and he dresses himself pretty quickly. He got Jerry dressed and I got Elijahs clothes on.  Now we are loading the car up and I’m putting the finishing touches of my makeup. Then I forgot to pack up some juice for the boys and milk for Kelsey. Oh and of course coffee for the road for me! We rearranged the seating in the Odyssee so that Antonio has easier access in and out of the car. Now it’s time to head out. Hubby insisted that I drive and I was ok with that. I was actually in a driving mood. So i put on some El Debage greatest hits and we are rolling out. We got to Auto Zone  (where the car wash was held) and dropped off Antonio and got my car washed. It was so funny to see all those kids swarm the cars washing and drying them hehe. Next stop, the AT&T store to get hubby a new phone because his had extensive water damage. We got there right at 10 when they opened and we still were like thrid in line! But it went fast. The longest part was getting the phone activated. We were there for like an hour and a half! The kids were surprisingly good. There was an older couple there that was so fasinated and enchaned by my babies. The kids were sitting for a little while, then they began to play. We let them run a round for a little bit, but nothing too crazy. We ended up leaving before the phone was completly set up because it was taking forever! So now it’s around 11:30 and we head to the Farmers Market downtown Las Cruces. OMG! It took the longest to get everyone out the car and Jerry and Kesley in the stroller and making sure Elijah didn’t run off while we were getting the babies situated. It was super hot! Hot to the point where I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. The boys smelled popcorn so we had no choice but to stop and get some. Luckily there was water and snow cones. We had so much stuff to carry! Luckily we were able to sit down and enjoy our treats. It was still pretty difficult to share a snow cone with the boys, share their popcorn so I eneded up getting Jerry his own bag of pop corn. That actually made things that much easier. THe snow cone really cooled me off for awhile. The boys somehow never broke a sweat! Kelsey got sweaty and wanted out of her car seat STAT! The Farmers Market turned out to be a bust. There was a bunch of junk there. Usually there’s something nice or special but I didn’t see one thing there I wanted! Even the hairbows weren’t cute enough for Miss Kelsey-Ann! We left around 1, right at the end of the carwash. Antonio hung out with some band mates, so me hubby and the babies decided to see Finding Dory! What an extra cute movie. It had a really strong message too. From what I got from it was for parents to really check themselves when dealing with their children, especially with those that have special needs. Anyway, Elijah ‘s full attention for the movie and only had to potty once! Jerry, oh Jerry! He is normally the laid back baby, super cool and calm, but he was so rowled up during the movie. He was calm in spurts, but that was enough to make me exhausted afterward. We were going to eat out once we picked up Antonio, but we were super tired. We ended up driving by the school to pick up Antonio, then driving back near the mall, just to drive back near the school to get some pizza. I drove back home almost sleep but we made it. Kelsey was at the end of her rope. She drank milk and I changed her into Pj’s and she was out like a light! Elijah and Jerry went to bed after their pizza. Jerry tried to fight his sleep but eventually fell asleep too. Now its the end of the day and this mama is tired! Time for pizza and a hot shower and to do it all over again tomorrow!