Tot School

Tot School Started Today!

My 3 year old attends the CDC on the post we are living. For you civilians mamas, the CDC is Child Development Center which is the on post daycare. I feel funny saying “post” since we are a Navy family and we call the military post a base. Any way, he only goes part time, 3 days a week for 3 hours. He goes from 7:30-10:30. This way he will be able to come home for a snack and be ready for nap time along with his brother. I hate what comes along with missing nap time. Anyway, I was very much disappointed that he just isn’t getting the learning that he needs at this age. It’s not the CDC’s fault, he just has to leave before most of the activities begin. I was told though that all the learning and activities happen first thing in the morning. Well, that turned out to not be true. Last week, I put my mind to starting home school preschool- Tot School. I have plenty learning materials already. We would every now and then but nothing too consistent. I felt that it is time to start a more structured schedule. Friday I decided to purchase a subscription from an education website. There I was able to print various lessons that I wanted to teach. I am focusing on letter recognition, number recognition, colors, shapes and tracing skills to develop fine motor skills.

The first day went pretty well. I made sure that I had all of our materials set up and ready to go. Toddlers can get really anxious if they have to wait. I even included the 18 month old on our lesson. I gave him a Paw Patrol coloring book and he was content for about 6 minutes! My 3 year old received the lessons pretty well. I was amazed that we were able to have school for 20 minutes before he got too restless. We took an hour break then had about 2 more lessons that lasted about 10 minutes. I really look forward to how day 2 of Tot School will go.